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R30 – new more complicated engine cover at Belgium


            The new engine cover presented at Spa , alongside with the debut of the  F-suct system , has a new upper part which can be separated from the rest cover body to offer more freedom to mechanics to enter inside the cover and reach the engine and F-duct system internals .

           The F-duct’s  twin  inlets are placed on airbox  sides while at the rear two extra outlet tubes can be seen .


R30 – elongated to the rear engine cover at Hungary


The floor exhausts were lengthened  at Hungary , a change which also triggered  the significant elongation to the rear  of   the sidepods – engine cover . The amount of the elongation that took place can be revealed by the fact that  the new cover  features a small cut ( purple arrow ) where it meets the upper suspension’s wishbone .

R30 – Shortened engine cover at Valencia


         The introduction of the EBD at Valencia forced the team to shorten the length of the engine cover’s rear zone  to comply better with the total new rear bodywork   .

R30 – Bahraini engine cover details


        Renault’s  engine cover may look monolithic but is mainly consisted of 3  parts ( the 2 side parts  and the upper with the shark fin one  )   . On the contrary Mc Laren’s much more complicated cover is consisted of multiple parts due to the  F-Duct system which is housed inside and the multiple cooling choices .

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