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Sauber C29 – Back to the European rear wing spec at Singapore


Sauber strangely decided to take a few steps back in evolution and reverted back to the European rear wing version combined with the enlarged engine cover’s shark fin at Singapore alongside with the Spanish rear wing spec . Founding out that the older parts are better than new must really make a F1 team nervous and frustrated  .


Sauber C29 -Spanish front wing spec for Singapore and Bahraini spec for Brazil and Abu Dhabi



At Singapore Sauber reverted back to  the Spanish wing spec with the old inner section and back to the Bahraini spec at Interlagos and Marina Bay .


Brazil &  Abu Dhabi

Sauber C29 – Front suspension


1. Winglet , is considered to be part of the braking system

2.Upper wishbone

3.Steering axis

4.Lower wishbone




Zero keel configuration with upper and lower wishbones made of carbon , inboard springs and dampers, actuated by pushrods (Sachs Race Engineering)




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Sauber C29 – special rear wing for Monza


Like all teams so Sauber brought a special very low downforce rear wing for Monza with single vented endplates , keeping also its F-duct system to gain extra speed at straights .

Sauber C29 – Modifications to the inner front wing section for Italy


Inspired by Renault , Sauber changed completely the inner front wing section and made also the wing profiles more wavy .

pre-Italy ( Spanish spec )

Sauber C29 – Exhausts

The C29 exhausts of periscope style blow up and inwards ( hot emissions in red ) while under them there is also a hot air outlet to help car cooling ( hot air exit in orange ) .

At very hot conditions Sauber had the option to use gills around the exhaust bodywork .

Sauber C29 – Back to Canadian rear wing Spec for Belgium



The Canadian low downforce rear wing with the double vented endplates was brought back to use at Spa .



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