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Sauber C29 – Exhausts

The C29 exhausts of periscope style blow up and inwards ( hot emissions in red ) while under them there is also a hot air outlet to help car cooling ( hot air exit in orange ) .

At very hot conditions Sauber had the option to use gills around the exhaust bodywork .


Sauber C29 – Inboard mirrors since Spain

since Spain

Outboard mirrors ban rule  forced Sauber also to revert its mirrors close to the cockpit zone since Spain  .


Sauber C29 – Special cooling care to the electronics

        Sauber’s electronics are tightly packed inside the sidepods and in particular in front of and under the inclined radiators . In order to keep their temperature reasonable low Sauber opened a small duct on both  radiators inlets to feed the electronics with fresh air . The hot air then exits via a series of slits spotted at the back .

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