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Sauber C29 -Spanish front wing spec for Singapore and Bahraini spec for Brazil and Abu Dhabi



At Singapore Sauber reverted back to  the Spanish wing spec with the old inner section and back to the Bahraini spec at Interlagos and Marina Bay .


Brazil &  Abu Dhabi


Sauber C29 – Modifications to the inner front wing section for Italy


Inspired by Renault , Sauber changed completely the inner front wing section and made also the wing profiles more wavy .

pre-Italy ( Spanish spec )

Sauber C29 – Back to Bahraini front wing spec at Canada and Valencia


Sauber moved a step forward by racing the Bahraini front wing spec at Canada and Valencia . For Silverstone and beyond the Spanish spec was brought back to use .



Sauber C29 – Modification to the front wing endplates at Spain



Sauber and all teams in general traditionally launch many updates for the first European race of the season . One of the updates for Sauber case took place at the front wing where the endplates gained a wider winglet at the back .

Sauber C29 – Bahraini front wing details

The C29 at Sakhir featured an interesting triple profiled front wing ( practically unchanged since launch time ) with additional double profiled cascade winglets (1) , Those winglets  are mounted on the main plane and provide a significant increase in front downforce . The flap moving mechanism is housed inside the black colored vertical elements (2) while exactly under them there are vertical fences to guide better the under wing airflow reducing turbulence .

The endplates have a quite complicated design and can be considered to be consisted of two parts .  The first part of triangular shape has a flopping outwards rear part (3) to divert air away from the front tyres profile reducing drag . The second part (4) is mounted a bit outer on the horizontal floor and has a upward-curving fin to add a small amount of downforce .

Finally the main plane forms a square channel (5) close to the endplates to raise the quantity of  air flowing under the wing’s profile to boost downforce production , a trend aided by the W-shaped main profile   .

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