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Toro Rosso STR5 – Exhausts development during season

STR5 throughout 2010 season raced three different exhaust outlets configurations .which are the following

Periscope , blowing between the suspension wishbones

( launch , Australia , China)

Periscope surrounded by bodywork , to improve car’s cooling

( Bahrain , Malaysia , Spain to  Belgium   )

Close to floor ( Exhaust Blown Diffuser ) to blow and energize diffuser boosting downforce production

( Italy to Abu Dhabi )


Toro Rosso STR5 – Floor splitter

STR5 floor splitter has side vertical fences to better divide airflow inside and outside the bargeboard zone offering a smoother and cleaner airflow around the sidepod bottoms . The quality of airflow was improved further after the addition of the under nose cone fences since Hungary .

Toro Rosso STR5 – Floor side fences

To prevent flow interaction between airstream coming above and below the floor , STR5  floor features side fences . Any flow interaction would create extra drag and would effect negatively car body downforce production .

Toro Rosso STR5 – Mirrors

STR5 mirrors are mounted on the cockpit sides and so the team need not to revise them due to FIA outboard mirrors ban rule taking effect since Spanish GP.

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