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Force India VJM04 – New rear wing in Melbourne

A new rear wing was brought and raced in Melbourne with a smaller second flap ( the movable one ) and a revised main profile which produces more downforce , a change made to regain the lost amount of downforce caused by the size reduction of the second flap . Free practice sessions gave the opportunity to the team to test fluorescent paint on the rear wing once again which by the way lacks any supporting pillar to the car body .

Force India VJM04 – attention on aero efficiency


Force India in Jerez joined the club of teams which tested the flow visualization paint. The rest  teams which tried that special paint were  Mc Laren ( white-blueish paint) , Lotus Renault (greenish paint) , Red Bull ( yellow-green paint) and Williams ( purple-white paint ) . Force India focused on studying the aero efficiency of the rear wing flaps and beam and to what extend the blade roll structure impacts  on rear wing downforce production .



( for details on flow visualization paint check )

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