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Modified front wing for HRT F111 at Spa

December 12, 2011 1 comment


       It took half season for HRT to launch the first update of its 2011 spec wing ( the version raced back inAustraliawas actually a 2010 wing ) . The revised wing with the oversized and reshaped cascade winglets wasn’t able to change the natural grid order of course and HRT remained at the far back. However it is admirable to see small teams put hard effort to gain speed with minimum budget .



HRT – Finally an update for F111

      HRT F111 nose box-front wing part failed to pass FIA crash test and thus the team reverted back to the F110 thinner nose box and front wing version for the first 2011 race in Melbourne . In Sepang finally the new parts managed to make it to the track and HRT successfully qualified within the 107 % rule and got the green light to race for the first time this season. The new nose is much wider and more boxy and has the “hammerhead” style camera winglets like Williams and Red Bull do . The new wing is totally new, speaking for the flaps and mini winglets, but the endplates resemble a lot to the old version instead .

       HRT during 2010 season showed very poor development failing to update its front wing not even once , racing the launch version from start to finish even at ultra low downforce track of Monza, something that HRT wants to change in 2011 .

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