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Lotus Renault R31 – A step backward

In Malaysia R31 reverted back to the  beam wing version with the lower arched centre zone , which was tested before season starts  . In Australia the R31 chose to race with a taller design to maximize downforce production .


Lotus Renault R31 – One more diffuser upgrade in Malaysia

   In Malaysia a metal joint was placed in the centre of the slotted tab to secure its stiffness  . Excessive vibrations of an element ruins its aerodynamic or mechanic effectiveness and  can even  cause it to crack in some occasions .

Lotus Renault R31 – More diffuser revisions in Australia


  The diffuser was again revised in Australia despite the latest upgrade at Barcelona test ,  having now a new slotted tab under the crash structure to let air bleed through . The pioneer of the slotted tab feature is credited to Toro Rosso and Renault is another team ( along with Red Bull and  Mc Laren  ) to copy this idea .

  Barcelona test on March

Lotus Renault R31 – Another new version of the front wing was launched in Sepang

Renault seems to follow the same frenzy front wing development path  like it did last season and launched a new front wing iteration in Sepang . The wing may had new endplates but the flaps remained though unchanged .  The revisions are spotted on the front part of the endplate body which is now consisted of a single element instead of two with its base to be inclined outwards creating a large gap between its inner surface and the double profiled mini wing . The horizontal winglet  is also gone while the outer low height vertical fence is new and features a deep cut on its lower rear part . All the changes focus to reduce turbulence around the outer front tyre surface .

Lotus Renault R31 – Aero performance evaluation in Melbourne


Free practice sessions on Friday in Melbourne was an opportunity for Renault  to evaluate R31 aero performance with the help of fluorescent paint . Renault was not the only team to experience fluorescent paint on their cars but Ferrari as well .

( for details on flow visualization paint check )


Lotus Renault R31 – Ensuring floor splitter stiffness in Melbourne


R31 splitter ( T tray ) sports high vertical side fences (No1) to create a channel over the splitter channeling air inside the bargeboard shield and around the side pod bottom . There is also an outer tunnel (No2) to improve airflow under the chassis towards the diffuser  . To decrease vibration of this outer tunnel which affects performance negatively Renault in Melbourne used a metallic bonding (No3) to support the structure .




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Different front brake duct option for Renault drivers in Melbourne


Heidfeld different driving  style made him choose the larger brake ducts while Petrov the thinner in Melbourne . This is not something new for Renault as Kubica and Petrov in some occasions back in 2010 also raced different ducts suited of course to different front wing specs . However this time both drivers used the same front wing in Melbourne despite the different option on the ducts .

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