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Lotus Renault R31 – One more diffuser upgrade in Malaysia

   In Malaysia a metal joint was placed in the centre of the slotted tab to secure its stiffness  . Excessive vibrations of an element ruins its aerodynamic or mechanic effectiveness and  can even  cause it to crack in some occasions .


Lotus Renault R31 – More diffuser revisions in Australia


  The diffuser was again revised in Australia despite the latest upgrade at Barcelona test ,  having now a new slotted tab under the crash structure to let air bleed through . The pioneer of the slotted tab feature is credited to Toro Rosso and Renault is another team ( along with Red Bull and  Mc Laren  ) to copy this idea .

  Barcelona test on March

Lotus Renault R31 – updated diffuser before season starts

Barcelona test on March


The floor and nose vanes revisions forced the team to alter also the diffuser by lowering the outer channels proving once again that there is a vital connection between diffuser and car front end. Another change took also place to the rear beam wing which now has a taller arched centre zone to improve downforce production . Lastly the tab under the rear structure lost its cut  ( all changes in yellow ) .



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