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Mc Laren MP4/26A – Protecting the brakes

         In Melbourne Mc Laren covered both the front and rear brake ducts with wire netting to prevent debris from entering inside the braking components . The Melbourne track is a street circuit surrounding the man-made Albert Park Lake and the track surface  is full of small and dangerous materials ( stones , plant parts, rubbish etc ) that could cause malfunction to the braking system.

          The net covered ducts have not been abandoned since Melbourne , proving their value and are being used to protect against  toffee-like debris shed by Pirelli tyres  this time .


Mc Laren MP4/26A – Front brakes

The multiple upward bending winglets on the brake surface help to reduce the turbulence created by the wheel rotation and increase aerodynamic stability . The brake duct itself is very narrow but quite long to provide enough cooling to the brake components  but also to block less the air .

Brakes  usually undergo many revisions through the season according to each circuit braking special needs .

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