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Red Bull RB7 – More diffuser revisions at Monza


The Belgium diffuser version was obviously a platform for further modifications which were seen at next race at Monza . The main tab fence gained  the same arched patern of the diffuser roof but with less deep cut . The side curved tabs were replaced with enlarged and slotted ones .Finally the rear brake winglets were shaped back to Silverstone configuration .

The too many diffuser versions is not a surprise because red Bull raced also many different front wings which from their part effect and direct rear end modifications .


Red Bull RB7 – New Sidepod panels at Melbourne

   The sidepod panels gained a wider bottom section from the first 2011 race in Melbourne to improve airflow management around the lower sidepod zone .The wider panels were first tested during Barchelona test on March

Red Bull RB7 – New set of bargeboards at Monza

January 28, 2012 1 comment

  At Monza  a new set of bargeboards was fitted on RB7 which had a saw-tooth upper profile and a new leading edge not vertical but inclined towards the body of the car in order to speed up the air flowing between the bargeboard surface and chassis hence improving underbody efficiency .

Red Bull RB7 – one more diffuser update at Spa

January 28, 2012 1 comment


      Two races ahead of Germany and Red Bull had one more new diffuser in Belgium . The new structure had a revised rear deformable structure with a full length winglet under the light to optimize the aero performance both above and below it . The inner vertical fences had regained their former height while the rear brake winglets were reshaped once again .

The new diffuser was tested first during free practice sessions on Friday with the aid of fluorescent paint to reveal flow details .

Red Bull RB7 – Monza’s rear wing details

January 25, 2012 1 comment

  GP of  Italy

     A special low downforce rear wing was presented in Monza which had an even lower attack angle than that used in Spa and also lacking the endplate slits . Surprisingly Vettel , who was helped by Red Bull’s special aero package, managed to take pole against all odds favoring Mc laren  and even to dominate in race in most convincing way .

Red Bull RB7 – arched diffuser roof at Germany

January 25, 2012 1 comment

  Interesting but promising updates took place on diffuser at Nurburgring . The new roof  is now arched where the vertical fences meet the roof rather flat as was before . Red Bull RB6 also featured a similar diffuser concept last season . Additionally the inner vertical fences ( in yellow ) are now shortened to let a stronger air interaction between the two flows passing through the centre zone .

Red Bull RB7 – front wing development summary

    Red Bull’s obsession on details pushed the development of the RB7 to the limit , including the front wing , even though both driver and constructors championship were cleared out in favor of Red Bull relatively early . In total at least 15 different front wing’s versions were seen fitted on RB7 from Launch to Brazil . Some of them were new designs while some others were revisions of older versions .

front wing versions



 tested only





New designs




Revisions of standard specs :




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