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September 9, 2011 1 comment

Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport F1 are pleased to confirm the extension of their successful partnership for a further five years. The new fuel efficient 1.6L V6-turbo power unit to be introduced from 2014 will be incorporated in the framework of an enhanced collaboration. Building upon the existing world-championship winning partnership, Renault Sport F1 will continue to supply V8 engines and KERS Motor Generator Units to Red Bull Racing for 2012 and 2013, with the new agreement repositioning the relationship between Red Bull Racing and Renault to a premium technical co-operation.

Within the new agreement, a technical joint venture will be setup, in which Red Bull Technology and Renault Sport F1 will collaborate to develop innovative technical solutions for the V6-based power unit that will be introduced from 2014. Red Bull Technology and Renault Sport F1 will contribute their respective know-how, experience and specialist personnel to the project to achieve a competitive and reliable power train to be used by Red Bull Racing and other customer teams.

Bernard Rey, President of Renault Sport F1, commented, “We are delighted that the Red Bull Racing-Renault partnership has been extended for a further five years, which will take us to a decade of collaboration. Red Bull Racing and Renault share the views that stability is a fundamental condition to perform at the top levels of competition. As well as being a unique opportunity to showcase the performance of the Renault engines at the highest possible level, it is also is a fantastic arena to develop the technology and expertise within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.”

Jean-François Caubet, Managing Director of Renault Sport F1, added, “The V6 power units due to be introduced from 2014 represent a huge undertaking and to have the input, resources and vast inhouse F1 car expertise of Red Bull Technology will help the team at Renault Sport F1 in Viry-Châtillon specify, design and develop a competitive unit from the start of the new regulations and optimize its structural integration into the chassis. Having this particular support will of course be to the advantage of our other team partners, who will indirectly benefit from the joint expertise of the Red Bull Racing and Renault Sport F1.”

Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing Team Principal, said: “We’re obviously thrilled to announce this significantly enhanced agreement with the Renault-Nissan Alliance, who we have enjoyed a close working relationship with since 2007. Renault Sport F1 has always been very straight-forward to work with, which has been a contributing factor to the on-going success of the Red Bull Racing-Renault partnership. Together we have so far achieved 22 wins, 32 pole positions, 1130.5 World Championship points and two World Championships. As the relationship moves forward, we intend to build on this and look forward to working with the Renault-Nissan Alliance during future Formula One World Championship campaigns.”

The Red Bull Racing-Renault collaboration started in 2007 and has since matured into one of the most successful chassis-engine partnerships. The crowning moment came in 2010 with the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships. At present Red Bull Racing-Renault leads the Constructors’ Championship with 131 points, while reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel leads the Drivers’title race.

credit : Red Bull Racing 


Red Bull Racing – Turkish GP – RACE

Sunday 8 May 2011

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: WINNER Start Position: POLE POSITION
“It was a great result today – especially after I gave the team so much work on Friday. I hope giving a victory back goes some way to help them forget it. Saturday morning was crucial. When I walked into the garage everyone gave me the impression that nothing is wrong and there was nothing to worry about. The whole team was working so hard to get the car back together and times like these are important. The team are close to me and if they are not happy or unmotivated it reflects on me and the other way round, so after being a bit down on Friday, it picked me back up. In the race we had a very good first stint and got a gap and you can always benefit from that cushion. At the end I did two short stints, which was the right thing to do – it was seamless today. We don’t know what happens next, so we have to take it race by race. There will be days when we are beaten for definite, but we need to minimise the loss – but for today, it was a great result for the team.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: 2nd, Start Position: 2nd
“It was good to get second place – and a relief to finish there and not third. In the end it was a good fight with Fernando, you lose a bit of time when you’re into each other like that, but it turned out okay and I got him back in the end. For the first stop, the team pitted me earlier than expected as they were worried about the undercuts coming into play. Ferrari saw the same thing and it was really a race between us two from then onwards. At that point, you make your bet that you will be having a few stops during the day. It was a good victory for Sebastian and Fernando drove well too – it was a great result for the team with a one two. The grip wasn’t great at the start, but I will leave Istanbul happy – it was my best result of the year so far.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “A fantastic team performance today. It was a very busy race with a four-stop strategy, perfect pit work and a great performance by Sebastian to take what was, in the end, a dominant win. Mark had a bit more on, dropping a place on the dirty side of the grid at the start, but then his recovery was excellent. He worked the tyres really hard to get past Nico Rosberg and then came under pressure from Alonso, dropped a place to him, but kept calm. We had a new set of primes for the last stint and Mark really made them work, resulting in a great passing move to achieve our first one-two of the year. All compliments to the team, it certainly exorcises the demons from last year and I would like to thank all our partners for their fantastic support.”

CYRIL DUMONT, Renault: “It’s really good to confirm the result from yesterday and it’s nice to be one and two again for the first this year. So, congratulations to everyone. For Sebastian it was a pretty smooth race, very solid in terms of performance and for Mark it was really solid in terms of overtaking. It was fun to watch him. Congratulations to everyone and engine-wise it was a very good race.”

On Sunday 15 May, Red Bull is hosting an open day at one of the most exciting playgrounds in Europe – The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria. Red Bull has made the former Österreichring into a new race circuit, which includes a vehicle dynamics facility, off-road area and go-kart track, as well as two hotels and a country club. The first public day of action – which is free to attend – will include historic Formula One races, a Formula One show run, The Flying Bulls and appearances from Red Bull Racing team members, Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, Adrian Newey and Christian Horner.

credit : Red Bull Racing

Red Bull – Turkish qualifying

Saturday 7 May 2011

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: POLE POSITION (3rd Practice – P1, 1:26.037)
“I’m very happy. It was a bit funny in Q3 today, as both Mark and I decided we would skip the second run and so we finished earlier than normal. It was a strange feeling, as the other cars are on track setting times and you are in the garage watching – they might beat you, but you can only watch the screens and there’s nothing you can do. It was an odd feeling but a good decision to save tyres for tomorrow’s race. I messed up the car yesterday morning, so we missed the session in the afternoon, but the guys fixed it for today and I think they did a very good job. We have been up there with the times today, although we didn’t have a trouble free morning and we had a bit to catch up. I like the track here which helps and it was nice to see that, without many laps, I was able to come back and find the rhythm, so all-in-all I’m very happy today.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 2nd (3rd Practice – P3, 1:26.404)
“I would have liked to have got a couple more tenths to have the margin; obviously Sebastian did a very good lap for pole, but my lap wasn’t too bad. We spoke before qualifying and decided that, as tomorrow is going to be a long race, every lap you could save today might help tomorrow. It turns out that we’re in the best possible grid positions and the team did a good job, as we have saved a set of tyres too, so it’s looking good. There were some good decisions from the team. I’m happy with today and am looking forward to tomorrow’s race.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER: “A great team performance today and a fantastic come back from Sebastian after a challenging day yesterday. All the guys worked very hard to make sure the car was ready for this morning and Sebastian repaid them in the best possible way – with an excellent lap on his first run to get the pole. Mark was right up there too and we have secured the front row of the grid. We elected not to do a second run with both drivers; we knew it would be a little tight, but strategically we believe it was the right thing to do, as both drivers now have a new set of tyres available for tomorrow’s race.”

(Renault) CYRIL DUMONT: “A really good result today – it’s nice to lock out the front row again. It was a good performance from Sebastian, and even more so when you consider his lack of running yesterday. Mark also did a good job today, so we look forward to the race tomorrow. It was pretty smooth for the engines today – so we will see in the race.”

It’s a season of firsts this year: the first time Red Bull Racing will defend two world titles and the first time India will appear on the calendar. The Turkish Grand Prix is memorable for Sebastian, as it was the first time he drove a car during a GP weekend, however it was a year after his first F1 test drive.

“The first time I ever drove an F1 car was about a year before my first GP appearance; it was in Jerez in September 2005. I got a call from Mario Theissen, who was working with Williams- BMW. At first I thought it was a joke, but he said no, it was serious and he wanted me to go to Williams for a seat-fitting. I just focused on getting as fit as I could, so as not to look stupid. When I got to Jerez, I was so nervous. The guys were all there and they were looking at me like ‘what does this kid want here?’ I must have been about 18. After five laps I came back to the pits and tried to play it cool – ‘oh yeah, I’m completely on top of this’ – but I was completely lost. I said to myself: ‘OK, I am so proud to have tested a real F1 car, but this is a man’s world, this is not for me.’ I was completely overwhelmed. Afterwards I was dead! I tried to not let anybody see, but my neck was gone completely. I have to say though, on the outside, I remember I was quite calm; I’ve seen the footage too and it seems that way. It was a lot to take in but I did really enjoy myself and nothing has changed.

“My first Grand Prix weekend came in Turkey 2006. I remember I had been in Greece on holiday. It took ages to get there and after two days I got another call from Mario, who was by then head of the Sauber F1 team. He said: ‘We’ve decided to put you in the car in Turkey, and we will do the seat-fit the day after tomorrow’. I said OK, packed my stuff and then drove all the way back to Switzerland to the Sauber factory – and that’s how I got into Formula One as a test driver.”

credit : Red Bull Racing

Chinese GP – RBR ,Race – Sunday, 17.04.2011


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: SECOND, Start Position: 1st
“My start was not the best and for some reason it seems the left hand side of the grid is worse here than the right hand side. It wasn’t brilliant and I lost positions to Jenson and Lewis. After that it was about being patient; I think we treated the tyres better in the first stint, we could have stayed out, but there wasn’t reason to at that time, so I came into the box and came out first. It was a surprise that Jenson came into my garage in front of me – I hoped he would carry on. We had something similar two years ago with a Toro Rosso – I don’t know what attracts people to stop in our garage! Fortunately it had no effect and the guys kept their heads. We came out in the lead and tried hard to stay on two stops. The middle stint should really have been a little longer, but at the end of the race I found myself out on the hard tyre and could see Lewis coming closer and closer. I tried to defend as best I could, without losing too much time to the guys behind, but he found his way past. It was a difficult race and we had a couple of mistakes, but we still finished second and third, which is a strong result. Congratulations to Lewis and Mclaren, they did a good job and it just shows that in one race, if you try something a bit different and make a small mistake, there is someone to beat you. It was a good race for us and we can learn a lot from today. Mark had a good race and had good pace. With two stops, you have to be patient and look after your tyres, but it didn’t work today.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: THIRD, Start Position: 18th
“We decided to start on the prime tyre, which we know is not the most desired, as it doesn’t have the characteristics of the hard tyre in terms of duration and things like that. So, we got that out of the way, but it was quite tricky actually, as even with the guys I was with, everyone was using DRS at the same time. I made a mistake in Turn 2 on my in-lap and then we came in as there wasn’t much left in the tyres and our race started from there. To see P17 on your board after 15 laps you think it might not happen, but suddenly I felt very comfortable with the car. I had a few sets of tyres left from qualifying, so that helped – and maybe that’s the way to do it! Miss qualifying and go from there! But, all joking aside, I think the guys have done an incredible job – it’s a back to back race and we haven’t had the smoothest run with my car, but I haven’t given up. That drive today was for them and everyone back at the factory. Congratulations to Lewis and it was a good day for us in terms of points for the team.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “After losing out a little bit at the start by dropping behind both McLarens, we elected for Sebastian to go onto a two stop strategy. It nearly paid off for us and we got within four laps of making it work but, ultimately, he just didn’t have enough grip to defend that podium place. Second is still a fantastic result and means a lot of points, which are well deserved. With Mark, we effectively ran his race in reverse starting on the prime tyre and running a three stop strategy. It was a phenomenal recovery by him to get onto the podium, so an awesome job and strong pit stops from the team. We had one scare when Jenson stopped in our pit box at the first stop, but overall it is a very strong team result.”

CYRIL DUMONT, Renault: “Somehow today, I feel like the job is not finished even though it is a really good result for the team. To finish second is a good result and the season is still very long – which is good. For Mark, what a race! To come from 18th to third is incredible – it was a really solid race by him, so congratulations to all the team. We now go to Europe leading the Championship.”

credit  ; Red Bull Racing

Chinese GP –RBR , Qualifying 16-4-2011

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: POLE POSITION (3rd Practice – P1, 1:34.968)
“We have done it again, but every single time is tough. I think today wasn’t as straightforward as we planned – especially in Q2; I made a bit of a mistake in the run I did then. In Q3 I was confident that we were able to improve quite a lot. Obviously today we did a good job, but it’s just eight metres on the track tomorrow. It will be a long race, but I think we can be happy with the car. We did some good long runs on Friday and so we have a reason to feel good, but it’s also a threat to feel too good – so I pay attention that doesn’t happen.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 18th (3rd Practice – P15, 1:36.896)
“It’s a very frustrating day. We didn’t have a smooth P3 or Q1 and we paid the ultimate price at end of the day. We thought we had enough to get through on the prime tyres – we have the pace, but I couldn’t get the tyre working on my second run. We’ll see what we can do tonight, but I can only go forwards. I can’t remember the last time I was out in Q1; it was a long, long time ago, so it was a bad day for us.”


“A third consecutive pole for Sebastian and, as he wasn’t required to complete his second run in Q3, he was able to conserve his tyres for tomorrow. After a Herculean effort from all the team to get Mark’s car repaired and out for Q1, it was disappointing for both Mark and the team that he missed the cut. We elected to run the hard tyre for his second run thinking it would be enough, but unfortunately they weren’t up to the temperature to do it. Obviously with 20 / 20 hindsight, you would run the option tyre, but we felt it would be enough at that time. It’s one of those things, and it’s the first time we haven’t had both cars in Q3 for over a year.”


“There is one word to describe today – ‘mixed’. An impressive display from Sebastian again – what pace, three races and three pole positions, so congratulations to him. Regarding Mark, we had a bit of a problem with KERS this morning and we weren’t able to use it in qualifying. Unfortunately he went out in Q1, but I have no doubt that he will do a strong race tomorrow and be back where he’s supposed to be.”

credit : Red Bull Racing


Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: WINNER, Start Position: 1st
“The start was crucial. I thought it was a very good start, but then I saw Lewis lining up behind me. I was surprised going into Turn one, as all of a sudden I saw something black in my mirrors – I knew it was a Lotus. For the first stint it was a good thing to happen, as I could pull away lap by lap. The entire race was quite different to what we saw two weeks ago – it was a lot closer and there were more pit stops due to the tyres. With the stops, you don’t want to be first in, as you want to do as few stops as possible, but also you don’t want someone else to go in, get an advantage with new tyres and undercut you. It wasn’t an easy race, but in the last section Lewis had a problem and was then behind Jenson. I’m very pleased with today’s result. I love what I do and don’t think I could be happier at this stage. It’s been close here, so we need to keep cool and keep pushing, but the guys know this is the way forward, so I’m not worried. But for today we will enjoy it and be very proud.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: 4th, Start Position: 3rd
“It was a tough race today. It wasn’t a good start out of the box and we had a failure with the KERS, so I was out of position on the first lap. For the first three or four laps, I was trying to pass people, but they were coming back at me on the straights; it was tough to clear people when I didn’t have KERS. Anyway, I fought back with a good strategy and got some good points at least. It wasn’t our day today and I was disappointed not to get on the podium. It was close, but not close enough, But, it will come and now we go to Shanghai.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: “A fantastic result for Sebastian. It was a great performance, a great debut for KERS on his car and he controlled the race in a very mature manner. It was also superb pit work from the guys in the very demanding temperatures here; all seven pit stops were executed brilliantly. The only shame was the start of Mark’s race, he had a poor initial get away and unfortunately a KERS issue denied him the use of that, meaning he got swamped down to Turn one. But it was a great recovery drive from him with a different strategy, he really made it work and ultimately he was very unlucky to miss out on the final podium position.”

CYRIL DUMONT, Renault: “What a race from Sebastian. It was a really solid effort and really intelligent in terms of management. For Mark it was a bit more difficult at the start, but after that it was a really solid race, so congratulations to both of them. The second race and a second win, which is a really good result. It was great for Renault too; we got three engines in the top four places, so well done to them.”



credit : Red Bull Racing

Red Bull – Malaysian Qualifying

Saturday 9 April 2011

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: POLE POSITION (3rd Practice – P5, 1:37.175)
“It was a challenging weekend until qualifying today. I was happy with the car, but we never really got into a rhythm. Yesterday wasn’t as smooth as we hoped for, but we knew the car had speed, so the main thing was to keep believing in it. In qualifying everything worked out straight away. It was very close in the end with the McLaren guys, so I’m happy to get pole. Big compliments to the guys in the team – especially those working on KERS, they did a lot of work since Australia. If we wouldn’t have had it today, we wouldn’t be sitting here now, neither me nor Mark, so compliments to the guys – it’s a good reward. It’s very hot in the garage for the boys during this race, the air is pretty humid, so at least tonight they will get some good sleep ahead of tomorrow.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 3rd (3rd Practice – P2, 1:36.630)
“I knew it would be very tight; everyone was on a single pace after the first flying lap on the option tyre in Q3. It was pretty straight forward for us; you have to just drive as quick as you can when it’s like that. We can’t control how tight it is, to get a few tenths more, you have to just do your best. It was a better performance from me today compared to Melbourne and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I’m starting on the clean side of the grid and it should be an interesting race – I think there will be a lot of pit stops.”

CHRISTIAN HORNER: “A great team performance today. To get first and third on the grid after a fascinating qualifying session, which was really tight with the McLarens today, is a great start to the weekend. On the final run and under huge pressure, Sebastian delivered just enough to get pole. Mark also improved his time and for the team to take P1 and P3, sets us up well for tomorrow.”


(Renault) CYRIL DUMONT: “It was a tough qualifying session, tougher than in Australia I would say. We had to do some set-up work engine-wise in order to improve the car from yesterday, so we’re happy it was working well today. We have a one and three again for the start of tomorrow’s race, like last year – although then the drivers were the other way round. Hopefully we’ll get the same race result too – with a one and two finish.”


It’s a season of firsts this year. The first time Red Bull Racing will defend two world titles and the first time India will appear on the calendar. At Race 2, where a high number of pit stops are being predicted,wespoke to Darren Nicholls about…

“My first pit stop with the lollipop was in 2000, when I was chief mechanic on the race team for Jaguar. It would have been at the first race of the season, in Australia, which wasn’t good, because it’s one of the smallest pit lanes of the season! There’s not much room and invariably it gets very busy – you tend to get a lot of film crews running around. My abiding memory is one of fear. It was terrifying, not only for myself, but because you’ve been entrusted with the safety of the crew – and your actions could contribute to the result. It was one of those things where you’re thinking ‘don’t put anyone in hospital’ and ‘do the best job you can’. The first time you do it, it’s not a pleasant feeling. I really can’t remember the driver, whether it was Johnny Herbert or Eddie Irvine, but I do remember it being a long walk out to get ready for the stop. You’ve got all these scenarios going through your mind. And you’re almost playing through the pitstop before you even take part in it.
Afterwards, I remember walking back into the garage and everything being like a blur, because the thing had taken, with refuelling in those days, about seven or eight seconds. You walk back in the garage and think ‘that was it?’. The only thing I can liken it to is last year, I was very fortunate to be nominated to go to the podium in Hungary. It was a similar experience to that. You know you’re up there, but it’s almost an out-of-body experience. You can see the boys down below and they’re celebrating, but it’s like you’re completely disconnected. It was a similar feeling.”


credit : Red Bull Racing



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