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Sauber C30 – front brakes

Sauber like other teams runs  non carbon brake ducts which are manufactured via Rapid prototyping method .  This method can produce  components faster (reduced manufacturing time up to 90% !) and cheaper , can achieve extremely structural accuracy and able to create almost any shape . The ducts are first designed on a CAD ( Computer Aided Design) system and then with the help of a 3D laser printing technology are being manufactured layer by layer until the model is completed from  material in powder form   .

In Melbourne Sauber  raced semi covered main duct with a black strong tape to reduce brakes cooling . This tape sealing method is used by many teams  , it may sounds bizarre but in fact is practical and very fast . changing ducts would cost several valuable minutes and demands striping of the braking components  , something impossible within limited practice sessions .

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