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Sauber C30 – New front wing in last pre-season test


The front wing tested by the C30 during the first pre season testing was practically a copy from C29 . A new front wing which suits better to C30 special aero characteristics was first tested in last pre-season test and brought also in Melbourne . The new wing has a revised third flap close to the endplates (No1) and a mush shorter flap separator (No2) . The fin at the endplate rear end (No3) is rejected while the cascade winglets (No4) are also new , with their inner section to bend upwards instead of being horizontal. The new cascade winglet attaches on a larger endplate (No5) and resembles a lot to the one featured by Mercedes W02 . Lastly the endplate lower channel (No6) is also different and actually lost its previous boxy shape in favor of a circular one .


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