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HRT F112 – Different set up for Hispania duo at Monaco

  At Monaco Karthikeyan only raced a rear wing having a mini plane on the beam wing (yellow arrow) for extra downforce . Furthermore  “THESSAN” sponsorship logo was added on the endplates .


HRT F112 – New rear wing at Spain

    HRT managed for a small team to produce a major upgrade pack for the first 2012 European race at Spain . The new package apart from the new front wing , middle zone and rear bodywork changes included a new rear wing . The endplate bottom of the new wing is  less boxy bottoms and has horizontal gills instead of circular . Clearly the middle zone changes (analyzed here)  triggered the endplate changes close to the diffuser area which look now more Red Bullish .

HRT F112 – A Two year step back on development for bargeboard at Spain

October 10, 2012 1 comment

         F112 launch version lacked any bargeboards but soon a set of 2011 (F111) alike flow conditioners added on the car before Melbourne . At Spain the team moved not a year back but two instead by placing a 2010 (F110) alike set ! The two years dated  bargeboard has a saw tooth upper profile and does not extend behind the sidepod panel (no1 in the image below) but ends exactly where the floor surface starts . That itself proves that old parts could sometimes be more effective than newer ones and should never be forgotten  .Worth’s remembering though that F112 chassis is based on the same 2010 Dallara chassis opted to regulation changes .


        The new bargeboards dictated the sidepod panel’s  vertical slot to move slightly to the rear (no 3) , some changes to the rear zone and finally  the floor vanes become thicker , longer and more aerodynamic (no 2) to cope better with the new set .

HRT F112 – New front wing hit first European race


       At Spain a new front wing made appearance with a revised and more elegant second flap . The horizontal slot that divided the second flap is now gone while the main flap turned from red to black color . HRT raced the new wing even at low downforce tracks of Canada , Belgium and Italy but of reduced attack angle to minimize drag .

    A positive change for the team was the addition of sponsorship logos at endplates since Belgium ( KH-7) and flaps since Monza (ermestel) . Sponshorship is vital for each team and one of its main economic funding sources .


“KH-7” logo addition on endplates at Belgium


“ermestel” logo addition on flaps at Monza

HRT F112 – front wing development up to Bahrain

   A higher downforce front wing replaced the pre season testing version at Australia . The more advanced  Australian wing had additional upper decks ( in black) which boost downforce production . The upper decks have been reshaped at China and gained a bending downwards profile close now to the endplates .However  both the Australian and Chinese wing specs are not new but instead  copied from last season . Becomes apparent that low budget prevents the team to deliver new parts. Nonetheless HRT ,apart form the front wing, proceeded  to numerous revisions on the car up to Bahrain, including brake components , nose vanes , bargeboards  and rear end revisions  .

HRT F112 – nose vanes development up to Bahrain

Australia - Melbourne
1.Skirts , hanging under the nose cone
2.Vanes , this time hanging under the chassis behind the skirts, added at Australia.

    Up to Bahrain HRT presented three nose vane versions . Initially at Barcelona on March the F112 had a pair of skirts (No1) hanging under the removable nose cone . The addition of Bargeboards at Melbourne came alongside with extra nose vanes (No 2), which were placed behind the skirts .This combination of skirts/vanes expanded the air channel under the nose but another more elegant and  smaller vanes  arrived at China and retained since then .

China - Bahrain
Renault school vanes , hanging under the nose cone

HRT F112 – bargeboard addition at Melbourne


         A set of bargeboards was present on F112 at Melbourne even though the initial version of the F112 lacked any . Bargeboard is a small piece of bodywork placed in front of the sidepod and act as flow conditioner .Its aerodynamic role was restricted since 2009 , due to changes on technical regulations ,  but  bargeboard still contributes a lot to drag reduction and cooling .


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