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HRT F112 – New front wing hit first European race


       At Spain a new front wing made appearance with a revised and more elegant second flap . The horizontal slot that divided the second flap is now gone while the main flap turned from red to black color . HRT raced the new wing even at low downforce tracks of Canada , Belgium and Italy but of reduced attack angle to minimize drag .

    A positive change for the team was the addition of sponsorship logos at endplates since Belgium ( KH-7) and flaps since Monza (ermestel) . Sponshorship is vital for each team and one of its main economic funding sources .


“KH-7” logo addition on endplates at Belgium


“ermestel” logo addition on flaps at Monza

HRT F112 – front wing development up to Bahrain

   A higher downforce front wing replaced the pre season testing version at Australia . The more advanced  Australian wing had additional upper decks ( in black) which boost downforce production . The upper decks have been reshaped at China and gained a bending downwards profile close now to the endplates .However  both the Australian and Chinese wing specs are not new but instead  copied from last season . Becomes apparent that low budget prevents the team to deliver new parts. Nonetheless HRT ,apart form the front wing, proceeded  to numerous revisions on the car up to Bahrain, including brake components , nose vanes , bargeboards  and rear end revisions  .

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