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Red Bull RB8 – revised front wing before Melbourne

The new wing was first tested in Barcelona on March

       Red Bull’s  front wing origins from late 2011 season and features a distinctive wavy profile of the flaps close to the central neutral section (pointed in red arrows) , which help to accelerate the air flowing under the wing  . However that wing was very efficient  for RB7 but proved to be problematic when applied on the new RB8 . The reason  can be searched to the fact that the new RB8 has less rake than RB7 which means that on RB8 the front wing stands higher from the ground level, so inevitably it is less efficient . The less rake for RB8 came as a direct effect of the ban of the exhaust blown diffuser which sealed partially the diffuser chambers and thus allowing Red Bull to have increased rake angle to the rear , something not possible to sustain for 2012 . In an attempt to improve front end stability   Red Bull, before Melbourne, decided to ditch the wavy  inner flaps profile and  revert to the old fashioned straight profile which provides lower pitch sensitivity .


rake is the angle difference between the rear and front end of the car, so when the rear of the car is higher, the front of the car is going to be lower to the ground

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