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Sauber duo maintain different set up at Malaysia


   The set up difference between Sauber drivers was maintained for Malaysia but this time Kobayashi reverted to a revised wing, similar to the one raced by Perez but having a more intense gurney tab . The revised wing ensured  better top speed at long stretches of Sepang circuit than the Australian wing  .


Different set up for Sauber drivers in Australia


In Australia Sauber drivers preferred to race with  different car set up and different wing specs . Kobayashi raced with the higher downforce launch front wing spec and the additional beam mini plane that guarantee a more stable car especially when braking late , something suitable to Kobayashi’s  driving style and his appeal of overtaking . On the contrary Perez raced with the lower downforce front wing , that was first seen at Jerez on February,  having also the beam mini plane removed , a configuration  more appropriate to his “velvet” driving style which is to prioritize conservation of tires in good condition . The later is reflected on Perez different pit stop strategy to Kobayashi .


Pit stop strategy

Sergio Perez  Medium -Lap24 , Soft –Lap 34
Kamui Kobayashi Soft –Lap 13 , Soft –Lap 23  ,  Medium –Lap 22



Lastly Australian rainy weather was not enough and Sauber  run both cars  having the large engine cover funnel  .


Kobayashi beam mini plane in yellow , large engine cover funnel in red

Perez large engine cover funnel in red

Sauber C31 – Australian front wing

Front wing specs comparison , differences are pointed out with yellow arrows

   By the time C31 made its track debut at Jerez  two front wing specs were evaluated till now . Initially C31 at its studio images had a wing with a larger and a more boxy second flap with a gurney tab . At Jerez and Barcelona  test on February Sauber tried a modified wing  with a new second flap of smaller profile without the gurney tab. Finally the launch spec  was evaluated for the first time at second Barcelona test on March and it is the wing  that Sauber decided to bring at the opening race of the 2012 season at Australia.

   The launch spec which provides  higher downforce , will help the team to ensure a better grip level on dusty and slippery pavement of Melbourne’s city roads . Nonetheless most of teams work hard to revise their front wings before Melbourne .



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