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Marussia MR02 – Addition of beam winglet at Monaco

Marussia MR02 RW Monaco 1

   Marussia brought a common aero feature for the high downforce Monaco circuit, a small winglet located on the central zone of the beam wing .


Marussia MR02 – New rear wing before Melbourne

Marussia MR02 RW Barcelona march 1

   The new rear wing design, launched at last pre session test, has a taller and rocket shaped carapace of the DRS activator and reshaped planes with double flap fasteners instead of three .

Marussia MR02 – sidepod top vane addition at China

Marussia MR02 Sidepod vane China 1



     At China a small single vertical flow guide was added on top of the sidepod to counter fight the lift created by sidepod’s shape which resembles to a down facing winglet . These vertical vanes are common in F1 since a long time ago. For example Caterham current cars race with a combination of three .

Marussia MR02 – New front wing at Spain

Marussia MR02 FW Spain 1

    All teams are accustomed to bring new parts at the first European race, so did Marussia. The upgrade package included new floor and modified front wing with a slot-less second flap to favor downforce production . The funnel at the back of the engine cover, which was used in hot Bahraini conditions, was also discarded .

   At Monaco the previous front wing spec reappeared once again, but did not make it to race.

Marussia MR02 – Revised front wing at Australia

Marussia MR02 FW Australia 1 F

   A small but apparently significant change occurred on the rear profile of the endplate, so as to change the way airflow interacts with the tyre . Worth’s noticing the new fancy sponsor logo on the endplate surface, which may have no impact on the car’s speed, but beyond doubt ensures team’s future speed .

Marussia MR02 – New front wing at 2nd Barcelona test

Marussia MR02 FW Barcelona March 1

    Marussia struggles to improve performance, targeting to beat Caterham team again this season. First fruits of hard labour arrived at second Barcelona test where a new front wing made debut. The new piece has four flaps in total, instead of three (no 1) to increase car pace in fast turns, the main flap has a redesigned upward step before it joins the endplates (no 2), the small flow conditioner (no 3) is discarded and new endplates (no 4) to suit better the higher tier wing .

Marussia MR02 – winter testing (pre season) tech summary

Marussia SV Winter 1 F

Chassis :  MR02

Engine : Cosworth CA2013


MR02 is a comprehensive evolution of the 2012 car, has a lighter chassis which remains low at front , redesigned sidepods which provide enhanced cooling, Coanda exhausts , modified rear end with a new Xtrac gearbox and for the first time in teams short history it accommodates a KERS unit, provided by Williams team .

Winter testing updates :

   Marussia tested several updated components including a revised rear wing , new set of bargeboards and a new engine cover . Additionally the team tested different cooling options on front brakes .




Aerodynamic performance :  poor

Speed :.  Slow but at least seems  ahead of Caterham

Tyres management  :   below average

Reliability  :  problematic , engine problems arose

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