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Force India VJM07 – Minor revisions on Rear wing in Australia

Force India VJM07 - Minor revisions on Rear wing in Australia


   Force India proceeded on minor rear wing revisions for the Aussie race weekend. The changes involved the number of wing’s  flap fatheners, the number of which now reduced to two from three.



Force India VJM07 , middle zone aero evolution in Bahrain test

Force India VJM07 middle zone aero evolution in Bahrain test


    Force India replaced at Bahrain the twin sidepod vertical flow conditioners seen in Jerez test, with a lateral wavy winglet attached directly on cockpit side. Flow management above the sidepod is not only crucial in terms of lift reduction but also for rear end aero efficiency. Speaking for VJM07 rear end , Force India designers choose for narrower sidepod tail openings, favoring a huge engine funnel to balance the cooling needs, in an attempt to keep a slim and a smoother flow transition around the  gearbox zone.


Force India VJM07 , double snorkel airbox

Force India VJM07 Airbox  Jerez test January 2014


   Force India adopted a double snorkel airbox on the VJM07, a solution origins on Mc Laren back in 2011. That design offers a less draggy bodywork behind driver’s head compared to Toro Rosso, but  increased air disruption on the rear wing.


Force India VJM07 – Front wing, Jerez test spec

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 2 - Jerez, Spain

   The front wing on the VJM07 follows a clear and obvious philosophy to divert airflow outwards as smoothly as possible, by introducing several vertical vanes on the planes, aided further by multi sectioned endplates . The need of creating front wings able to push air more efficiently  outwards the tyre profile is now of increased need because the wing span shrank by 15 cm in 2014 .


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