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Williams FW36 – care on tyres

Williams FW36 – SP Australia 1 F sensor



  After Jerez test a heat sensor appeared on the inner surface of sidepod panel’s body to monitor front tyre performance . Sauber and Ferrari are other examples that used analogous sensors in that zone.


Williams FW36 – Special care on cooling

Williams FW36 sidepod inlet 1 small


   Cooling efficiency is of special attendance in 2014 , thus Williams did not neglect to design and construct an extra cooling inlet inside the main sidepod tunnel.


Williams FW36- mirrors

M Jerez Test Jan 1 F small


   Williams mounted the mirrors onto a wavy lateral cockpit fin in such a way that both  driver enjoys improved rear view but also offering improved airflow management over the sidepods. The two smaller cockpit winglets function in conjunction with the strake enhancing the aero positive effect.


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