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Lotus Renault R31 – Innovative forward exhausts

A great novelty as regards Renault exhausts , proving that stricter rules can not ban creative spirit in Formula 1 but to redirect it exploring new innovative ways  .So Renault instead of finding a way to bend the rules and  blow the diffuser with hot exhaust emissions either through the sides or through the engine starter hole  ,decided to construct forward blowing exhausts !  The innovative forward exhaust pipes have an elbow ending configuration to blow under the chassis and energize airflow under the floor and towards the diffuser .  To prevent any floor toasting close to the exhaust pipe opening Renault placed a metal heat cover and also tested in some occasions heat sensitive green stripes under the floor or red stripes over it to check any heat issues rising from this configuration .


Red Bull RB6 – exhaust development from launch to China

   Launch – periscope exhausts

Red Bull was the first team to re-introduce the  Exhaust Blown Diffuser system in modern Formula 1  . Initially the RB6 was launched with periscope exhausts blowing just above the rear suspension’s wishbones . Later during winter testing the exhausts were repositioned close to the floor and under the suspension wishbones in an attempt to energize the diffuser causing it to produce more downforce .

  Winter testing – fake exhausts

The team tried to keep the new floor exhausts unnoticed by placing fake exhaust heat covers at the former upper position . Moreover the additional vertical floor fence which was tested  also , made the exhaust observation  even more difficult .


At Bahrain the fake exhausts were removed  while later at China the engine cover’s rear part was revised . This black coloured new part  can be separated from the rest engine cover and the change was  triggered  by the mechanics need to reach faster and easier the new floor exhaust internal area.


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