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Williams FW33 – Innovative rear suspension



The ultra low rear end of the Williams FW33 (2011 car) effected the rear suspension design dramatically. The totally new rear suspension is a pull rod design in contrast to the previous push rod and the innovative of this new configuration is that  the top wishbones ( in yellow)  attach directly onto the rear wing’s single pillar , something novel for F1 .



      The unusual and innovative rear suspension assemble caused excessive vibration to the rear  wing , something totally unwanted because it dramatically reduces aero efficiency of the car . To decrease wing’s lateral movement and provide extra stiffness Williams supported the beam wing onto the pillar ( in yellow , first image ) via a connector .Furthermore in the first 2011 race at Melbourne , to totally overcome any vibration issue , the endplates were mounted onto the diffuser roof via single metallic pillars (second illustration ,red arrow) .






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