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Ferrari’s innovative front wheel rims

   F10  front wheel rims

      Wheel rim Carbon fairings, which were extensively used during last years were banned since 2010 season in an attempt by FIA to make pit stops safer  . So in theory all teams had to reverse back to simple rims but Ferrari instead moved a step forward and merged the fairing idea into the rim producing an interesting crown wheel rim design . The double concentric rings of different diameter  may be attached on  the wheel but  are considered to be part of the rim ,  so they are made of the same homogeneous metallic material to the wheel according to FIA regulation article 12.3.

      Rival teams couldn’t copy the design due to new 2010 homologated rules ( rims , fuel cell and crash structure are homologated to low down the cost )   as they already run simple rims at the first 2010 race at Bahrain and Ferrari cleverly kept it secret till the start of the 2010 season.

    Ferrari’s innovative rim design extracts hot air coming from brake components in such a way that effects less the outer cooler airflow towards  the rear  , decreasing vortexes and improving aero performance of the car . Rival teams had to deal wheel fairing ban by developing sophisticated front wing endplates  to clean airflow around  front wheels profile .

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