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Marussia MR02 – Addition of beam winglet at Monaco

Marussia MR02 RW Monaco 1

   Marussia brought a common aero feature for the high downforce Monaco circuit, a small winglet located on the central zone of the beam wing .


HRT F112 – Different set up for Hispania duo at Monaco

  At Monaco Karthikeyan only raced a rear wing having a mini plane on the beam wing (yellow arrow) for extra downforce . Furthermore  “THESSAN” sponsorship logo was added on the endplates .

Toro Rosso STR7 – Three rear wing specs so far !

      Red Bull genes are also found  within Toro Rosso’s DNA , not though in speed but mostly  in development rate . Till the Chinese GP three rear wing specs were raced/tested as shown in the images above. The Chinese spec was also  tested at Jerez on February and has a main flap with a bending upwards profile in its middle section to emphasize downforce production close to the endplates zone . Malaysian/Australian spec instead has the opposite philosophy on downforce production  featuring a bending downwards profile in the middle section . At Barcelona on March a mini plane was added on the beam wing  to increase downforce and  remains traditionally a good option for high downforce tracks like Monaco , Hungary and Singapore

Different set up for Sauber drivers in Australia


In Australia Sauber drivers preferred to race with  different car set up and different wing specs . Kobayashi raced with the higher downforce launch front wing spec and the additional beam mini plane that guarantee a more stable car especially when braking late , something suitable to Kobayashi’s  driving style and his appeal of overtaking . On the contrary Perez raced with the lower downforce front wing , that was first seen at Jerez on February,  having also the beam mini plane removed , a configuration  more appropriate to his “velvet” driving style which is to prioritize conservation of tires in good condition . The later is reflected on Perez different pit stop strategy to Kobayashi .


Pit stop strategy

Sergio Perez  Medium -Lap24 , Soft –Lap 34
Kamui Kobayashi Soft –Lap 13 , Soft –Lap 23  ,  Medium –Lap 22



Lastly Australian rainy weather was not enough and Sauber  run both cars  having the large engine cover funnel  .


Kobayashi beam mini plane in yellow , large engine cover funnel in red

Perez large engine cover funnel in red

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