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Marussia M03 – first revision on rear wing at 1st Bahrain test

Marussia M03 –  first revision on rear wing at 1st Bahrain test


  Marussia proceeded on a DRS activator change in 1stBahrain test . Particularly the team preferred to develop an external mechanism, contained in an aerodynamically shaped shell,  to open the upper flap, in an attempt to enhance the efficiency of the movable flap to generate downforce .



Marussia M03 – middle zone upgrades in 1st Bahrain test

Marussia M03 – middle zone upgrades in 1st Bahrain test


  Apart from the introduction of vertical twin element sidepod panel, a single short vane also appeared on the top of the sidepod, with both additions to offer better airflow management  towards the rear of the car.


Marussia M03 – Airbox zone details

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 3 - Jerez, Spain


    Airbox on M03 is very effective in regards of cooling. Beyond the main triangular inlet, there are two more additional openings to cool down  internal mechanical parts ( i assume them to be the oil radiator and ERS components). Exploiting  airbox zone allows mechanics  to maintain sidepod inlets close to 2013 dimensions rather than enlarging them a lot. The appearance of the car now lacking the sculpted bodywork behind the driver’s head  resembles more to monocoques prior to 1997 season . Worth’s taking into consideration that such a configuration is more draggy and suffers increased negative aero impact caused from  driver’s helmet .

    Finally a small but important cooling inlet exists where the engine cover starts to drop downwards to feed the gearbox radiator.

Marussia M03 , middle zone aero analysis

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 4 - Jerez, Spain

   Marussia adopted on the M03  a complex combination of cockpit vanes, featuring  two small winglets surrounding the aerodynamically shaped mirror mounting, followed by a single lateral strake of wider span . Such combinations have been already seen over past seasons on Lotus, Mc Laren, Mercedes and Ferrari . The shape and attack angle of the winglets actually create lift  but they contribute stronger on decreasing  the lift created by the sidepod tunnels .

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