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Caterham CT05 – New rear mini plane at Spain

Caterham CT05 Mini Plane Spain 1 F small

   To increase the amount of downforce on the rear axle, Caterham introduced at Spain a redesigned rear mini plane (also called monkey seat) with slopping downwards extremities.



Sauber C33 – Rear wing development from launch to Melbourne

Sauber C33 – Rear wing development from launch to Melbourne

    Insufficient rear downforce production was noticeable on Sauber and thus team soon pushed to develop new rear wing designs towards downforce increase .

     The initial wing version seen in Jerez had two distinctive V cuts on the trailing edge of the movable upper element where the two flap fasteners exist, while the main flap had a slopping downwards profile close to the endplates to benefit as possible from the clean airstream coming unblocked by the main airbox body. Such main flap design philosophy springs its origin from old Renault team (now renamed Lotus) back in 2006 .

     A  new version put under test in Bahrain two weeks after which had a wider main flap and three fasteners this time. The upper element was also new because it featured only one  V cut in its middle section now. Additionally a mini plane made its appearance above the rear structure.

Sauber C33 - mini plane Bahraini pre session test

    For Melbourne the Bahraini spec modified  further, regaining back the two flap fasteners structure design  but loosing the V cut.  The mini plane also removed .

PS=  The V cut bleeds pressure from the wing decreasing drag with small negative impact on downforce production


Ferrari F14T – Alterations on rear wing before Melbourne

Ferrari F14T – Alterations on rear wing before Melbourne


   Ferrari tested  new rear wing endplates with unified body (yellow arrow points the old slotted version)  at last pre session test at Sakhir circuit. Additionally a mini plane briefly tested , located above the rear crash structure and between the wing pillars.

    The unified endplate retained for Australia but instead the mini plane was excluded.


Mercedes W05 – Mini wing addition in Jerez test

Mercedes W05 – Mini wing addition in Jerez test


   New W05 proved fast and reliable from the start and therefore multiple upgrades made their arrival very soon on the chassis, including a mini wing addition above the exhaust terminal pipe. Rival teams targeted on improving reliability instead, having minor interest to push for speed.

   In the absence of a beam wing in 2014 the extra winglet is attached on the rear crash structure behind and between the double supporting wing pillars.

Sauber C31 – Rear end improvements at Jerez test

mini plane on beam wing and floor supporters are shown in yellow

       To strengthen the stiffness of the diffuser and rear floor , Sauber  connected the later  to the rear crash structure via a pair of cable supporters . Their task is to eliminate possible vibrations that would potentially harm the aero behavior of the rear end . To even increase rear end stability an extra mini plane was added on the beam wing ( in yellow) .


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