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Caterham CT05 – Reduced number in rear wing pillars

Caterham CT05 RW Australia new spec 2 F small


   Caterham modified since Melbourne the way rear wing is supported on the car. The new structure involves a single pillar, which splits into two separated elements around the terminal exhaust pipe before both meets the rear crash structure. The old design had instead two thinner pillars starting parallel below the main plane but inclined inwards when dropping down, meeting also the rear crash structure . As a side effect the mini plane above the exhaust terminal pipe had to be redesigned and remounted, adopting now a Williams alike support.

    The transition to the single pillar concept may offer not necessary an aerodynamic advantage over the older design, but another more practical one. The  wider single pillar provides a larger internal volume and thus being able to house the connections of  DRS to the main car body, thus offering a more direct and shorter route, making it more reliable and compact.


Sauber C33 – Rear wing development from launch to Melbourne

Sauber C33 – Rear wing development from launch to Melbourne

    Insufficient rear downforce production was noticeable on Sauber and thus team soon pushed to develop new rear wing designs towards downforce increase .

     The initial wing version seen in Jerez had two distinctive V cuts on the trailing edge of the movable upper element where the two flap fasteners exist, while the main flap had a slopping downwards profile close to the endplates to benefit as possible from the clean airstream coming unblocked by the main airbox body. Such main flap design philosophy springs its origin from old Renault team (now renamed Lotus) back in 2006 .

     A  new version put under test in Bahrain two weeks after which had a wider main flap and three fasteners this time. The upper element was also new because it featured only one  V cut in its middle section now. Additionally a mini plane made its appearance above the rear structure.

Sauber C33 - mini plane Bahraini pre session test

    For Melbourne the Bahraini spec modified  further, regaining back the two flap fasteners structure design  but loosing the V cut.  The mini plane also removed .

PS=  The V cut bleeds pressure from the wing decreasing drag with small negative impact on downforce production


Toro Rosso STR9 –Three rear wing specs so far

Toro Rosso STR9 –Three rear wing specs so far



     Amazingly ToroRosso tested from launch to the very first 2014 race in Australia three in total rear wing specs, very similar in basic structure but different in details. The spec for Melbourne race was similar to the one seen in launch, having two flap fasteners and a curvy upper flap. The team tested during Winter testing one more version with three flap fasteners and reshaped upper flap, an evolution of which having a single pillar briefly equipped on Jean-Eric Vergne car for the Aussie GP free practice sessions.


Force India VJM07 – Minor revisions on Rear wing in Australia

Force India VJM07 - Minor revisions on Rear wing in Australia


   Force India proceeded on minor rear wing revisions for the Aussie race weekend. The changes involved the number of wing’s  flap fatheners, the number of which now reduced to two from three.


Ferrari F14T – Alterations on rear wing before Melbourne

Ferrari F14T – Alterations on rear wing before Melbourne


   Ferrari tested  new rear wing endplates with unified body (yellow arrow points the old slotted version)  at last pre session test at Sakhir circuit. Additionally a mini plane briefly tested , located above the rear crash structure and between the wing pillars.

    The unified endplate retained for Australia but instead the mini plane was excluded.


Marussia M03 – first revision on rear wing at 1st Bahrain test

Marussia M03 –  first revision on rear wing at 1st Bahrain test


  Marussia proceeded on a DRS activator change in 1stBahrain test . Particularly the team preferred to develop an external mechanism, contained in an aerodynamically shaped shell,  to open the upper flap, in an attempt to enhance the efficiency of the movable flap to generate downforce .


Caterham CT05 – Rear wing with functional DRS in Bahrain test

Caterham CT05 – Rear wing  Jerez Jan 1c F small


  Caterham tested a rear wing lacking the DRS external activator but in Bahrain a fully operational DRS rear wing  was put under test. Another notice is that the flaps had a reversed color theme from Jerez spec, flaps now in white  with black colored logo. Endplates were also colored from black to green .


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