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Renault RS09

October 30, 2013 1 comment

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Cars : Williams FW19 , Benetton B197

Season: 1997

Total Displacement: 3.000 cc

Configuration : V10

Cylinder angle : 71 degree , widened from 67 to 71 degree

Timing Gear: 40 valves , pneumatically controlled

Evolution : RS09A , RS09B

Weight: 121 kg depending on equipment, 11 kgs lighter than the R208

Max Power output :

RS09   around 740 bhp

RS09A  755 bhp at 14.600 rpm

RS09B 775 bhp , <17.000 rpm

Materials : Cylinder heads in aluminium, cylinder block, oil sump and timing cover in thin aluminium

Dimensions : 623 mm length / 542 mm width / 395 mm height . It was 27mm lower than its predecessor the RS08 with the centre of gravity dropping 14mm and generally much smaller

Fuel : Elf for Williams , Agip for Benetton

Lubricant: Castrol fpr Williams , Agip for Benetton

Characteristics : reliable and powerful

sound clip of Renault 2014 F1 engine

Renault V8 engine in Red Bull body



Renault RS08

Renault logo

Chassis  :  Williams FW18 , Benetton B196

Season: 1996

Total Displacement: 2.998 cc

Configuration : V10

Cylinder angle :67 degree

Timing Gear:40 valves

Evolution :RS08B

Weight: 132 kg

Max. Power Output  Qualifying-spec : 750 bhp , 16.500-17.000 rpm

Max. Power Output Race-spec :   720 bhp , 14.500  rpm

Fuel & Lubricant:Elf Williams

Renault RS05

Renault logo

ChassisWilliams FW15C

Season: 1993

Total Displacement: 3.493 cc

Configuration :   V10

Cylinder angle : 67 degree

Timing Gear:40 valves

Evolution : RS05B

Weight:  137 kg

Max. Power Output Qualifying-spec : 780 bhp , 13.800 rpm

Max. Power Output Race-spec :   760 bhp

Fuel & Lubricant:Elf

Sparking plugs: Champion

Electronics: Magneti Marelli

Reliability: strong

Team Lotus T128 technical Specifications

Chassis material: Carbon Fibre
Bodywork material: Carbon Fibre
Suspension: Carbon Fibre wishbones, push rod in front, pull rod in rear
Rear Suspension: Carbon Fibre
Dampers: Penske & Multimatic
Steering: Team Lotus
Gearbox: Red Bull Technologies
Clutch: AP
Brake discs and pads: Carbone Industrie or Hitco
Brake calipers: AP
Cooling system (radiators, heat exchangers): Team Lotus
Cockpit instrumentation: MES (as mandated by the FIA)
Seat belts: Schroth
Steering wheel: Team Lotus
Driver’s seat: Team Lotus
Extinguisher system: FEV
Wheels: BBS to Team Lotus Specification
Fuel cell: ATL
Battery: Yuasa
Fuel provider: Total
Lubricants provider: Various
Wheel base: More than 3000 mm
Overall Length: Approx 5 metres
Overall Height: 950mm


Designation: Renault RS27-2011
Capacity: 2400 cc
Architecture: 90° V8
Weight: 95 kg
Max rpm: 18,000 rpm

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