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R30 – mirror revisions for Bahrain

The mirrors mounting elements were redesigned for Bahrain having now a less boxy shape


R30 – new sidepod panels and turning vanes since Malaysia


The new panels raced since Sepang had their lower zone inclined towards the inner . Furthermore the floor turnings vanes where the panel  is mounted on is now much slimmer than before . These changes offer a different airflow management around the sidepod bottoms , more suitable for the R30  .

 Malaysia ( Sepang)

R30 – under nose fences update at Spain


The fences under the nose cone , which create an air channel under the car ,  were revised at Spain having now a more sophisticated shape to improve front aerodynamic efficiency .


R30 – nose vanes addition at Bahrain

A small set of vanes was added behind the under nose skirts to improve further the quality of air passing under the car .

R30 – bargeboards addition at Malaysia


The R30 did not have any bargebords since launch and at Sepang that was about to change as small triangular bargeboards were added to the car to improve airflow management around the sidepod bottoms  .

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