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Sauber C33 – fully “decorated” car after Jerez test

Sauber C33 2014 after jerez test upgrades



   The car tested in Jerez (pre session test) was stripped of significant aerodynamic elements like sidepod panels and nose vanes because the team focused solely on improving and checking mechanical reliability instead of pushing for the ultimate time. This changed soon after the first test as wide vertical panels attached on sidepods alongside with lateral flow conditioners and skirts added under the nose where the suspension wishbones meet the chassis.


Marussia M03 – middle zone upgrades in 1st Bahrain test

Marussia M03 – middle zone upgrades in 1st Bahrain test


  Apart from the introduction of vertical twin element sidepod panel, a single short vane also appeared on the top of the sidepod, with both additions to offer better airflow management  towards the rear of the car.


Force India VJM07 , middle zone aero evolution in Bahrain test

Force India VJM07 middle zone aero evolution in Bahrain test


    Force India replaced at Bahrain the twin sidepod vertical flow conditioners seen in Jerez test, with a lateral wavy winglet attached directly on cockpit side. Flow management above the sidepod is not only crucial in terms of lift reduction but also for rear end aero efficiency. Speaking for VJM07 rear end , Force India designers choose for narrower sidepod tail openings, favoring a huge engine funnel to balance the cooling needs, in an attempt to keep a slim and a smoother flow transition around the  gearbox zone.


Marussia MR02 – sidepod top vane addition at China

Marussia MR02 Sidepod vane China 1



     At China a small single vertical flow guide was added on top of the sidepod to counter fight the lift created by sidepod’s shape which resembles to a down facing winglet . These vertical vanes are common in F1 since a long time ago. For example Caterham current cars race with a combination of three .

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