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Ferrari F2012 – New nose vanes at Mugello test

          Ferrari has introduced since Mugello test a new front end aero package with the nose cone no longer featuring the  L shaped vanes . As a consequence a new set has been transferred to the underbody of the chassis . Compared to the old units the new set is more complex and actually  consists of two elements with a curved upwards lower section , lacking also the  horizontal connecting winglet ( pointed in Alonso illustration via an arrow)  . Both versions are designed to boost the airflow underneath the raised front section of the chassis, but additionally the new set creates significant vortexes over the vertical axis aiming drag cut and a better flow to the diffuser  .

      Massa adopted right away the new set from the Spanish race after the Mugello test but instead Alonso continues to race ( up to Hungary) with the old ones . It is not the first time to observe Ferrari duo follow different development routes reflecting primary the difference between Alonso’s and Massa’s driving style . Alonso is manhandling the car squeezing the most out of it thus needing a very predictable car and probably the new vanes may have improved the overall aero performance but likely may have caused instability in certain conditions . Another example this season is the Red Bull drivers , Vettel and Webber (exhaust configuration difference this time) .

  1. LotusFan
    August 14, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    Red Bull and Renault have also vanes like Massa,but i am not aware if other teams do so.Thanks for your hard effort to keep us informed

  2. LotusFan
    August 14, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Sauber does also i think

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