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Ferrari F10 – Further updates to the diffuser at Turkey

           After China and the revisions to the central splitter , Ferrari at Turkey had its lower diffuser’s central wall revised also . The new design has a stepped inner section  which extends higher than the rest reference line to prevent airflow detachment from the design’s shape. Due to this extension the V shaped elements , which help the engine starter operator to reach the gearbox , are replaced now by a simple circle hole .


Ferrari F10 – Updated diffuser at China

            The updated diffuser had a new curved main section’s splitter ( the previous was straight and is presented inside the red circle  ) between the second and the third deck aiming to increase the quantity of air exiting from the second deck . Moreover the  splitter  is placed under a higher attack angle  and also features  an extended central rectangular part to prevent unwanted flow crossing between the two decks . As mentioned before the rear floor vent improves also the efficiency of the diffuser side channels as well .

            All the changes to the rear end are probably  instructed by the forthcoming race full final version deployment of the rear wing’s stalling system ( F-duct ) and the need for more rear downforce production .

F10 – Diffuser revision for Bahrain


             The side winglets ( in orange color ) were abolished for Bahrain proving that a less complicated configuration is sometimes more efficient  . Why that ?  CFD and aero tunnel data may differ from track data meaning that the team have to revise the optimum in theory configuration to a more suitable one for track . The reasons may be a problematic  tunnel calibration or because various minor  track data factors not possible to be examined in detail ( some factors are tyre pressure , g-forces , mass transfer , suspension behavior , pitch sensitivity , air density and temperature etc  )   are able in total to shift by a little the car behavior on track    .



            Another possible reason that could explain the loss of those winglets may well be the revisions to the floor side fences and sidepod panels that took place at last winter test at Barcelona .

F10 floor and sidepod panels revisions at Bahrain    = >

F10 – Double rear floor ducts at Hockenheim

Hockenheim , Germany

Ferrari raced  double vents  on the rear floor (spotted in front of the rear wheel ) , instead of the previous single one , to increase the amount of air towards the diffuser side channels  .

F10 – Introduction of rear floor duct at China


Ferrari  raced the rear floor vent at Sinopec  , which was already tested at Sepang , a vent similar to the one Mc Laren races from the start of the season , aiming to feed diffuser’s side section with more air . The floor’s saw toothed profile inside the rear wheels ( orange arrow) helps to reduce turbulence created in this zone when the under floor airflow meets the vortexes generated by the wheels rotation .


F10’s diffuser – launch spec details

1.Central lower section

2.Upper second deck

3.Arch shaped triple deck , expanding up the wing’s beam

4.Vertical fence

5.Smaller vertical fence

6.Horizontal section


8.Low height tab

9. The V shaped element ( in  circle ) helps and guides the engine starter motor operator to connect it properly

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