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Red Bull RB7 – front wing development summary

    Red Bull’s obsession on details pushed the development of the RB7 to the limit , including the front wing , even though both driver and constructors championship were cleared out in favor of Red Bull relatively early . In total at least 15 different front wing’s versions were seen fitted on RB7 from Launch to Brazil . Some of them were new designs while some others were revisions of older versions .

front wing versions



 tested only





New designs




Revisions of standard specs :





Red Bull RB7 – New front wing endplate at Japan


   At Suzuka the hole in the endplate side was closed more to aid downforce production close to the endplate inner surface  .


New front wing at Singapore for RB7



After having experimented with two low drag wings in Monza, the RB7 had for Singapore further updates to its front wing to meet the needs of city roads of Marina bay circuit  .

This time the second flap had a new shape and gurney tab covering the entire length of the flap (No3) . The main flap is now double stepped  both close to endplates and central wing’s neutral section . The channels created under the flap, because of the stepped design, numbered 1 and 2 may rely on the same Venturi principle but serving different purposes  with No 1 to improve floor’s aerodynamic efficiency , while No2 to cut drag . Furthermore the main flap is extended  a bit  to the endplates  to generate more downforce and that changed the way it is attached to the endplates body (No4) . Additionally the “Γ’’ shaped arches presented at Monza were also retained (No5) .

The upper double profiled deck  is also larger and shaped differently (No6) with its leading edge to rise upwards close to the endplates. It gives me the impression that the new upper decks are now more efficient to capture air when cornering while this ability is restricted at straights favoring drag reduction and it is really amazing the way Red Bull pays attention to even minor details .




Finally the upper section of the endplate surface is moved outer (No7) to meet with the larger dimensions of the upper deck and also is perforated differently (No8) .


Progressive development on RB7 front wing for Silverstone and Germany



        At Silverstone RB7’s front wing had the winglet above the double deck angled downwards close to the endplate and a revised joint of the main profile to the central neutral section  ( the revised main flap was also tested in Canada )  .


At Germany another minor change took place , this time the inner section of the upper deck  was curved differently . It is really amazing Red Bull’s insistence  on details .



Special delivery for Red Bull RB7 at Monza


      Two low drag front wings were available for Monza with both versions having a second flap of smaller chord  . The difference between the two versions was  that the lower one  in the picture had extra  “ Γ ”  shaped arches  ( also used by  Mc Laren )  . The “Γ” element  forces the airflow  directing  to the wing profile to bent outwards helping the  flaps of the wing  to receive improved quality of air to benefit downforce production .

   The wing with the extra elements was the final choice for race .



Red Bull RB7 – New front wing at Canada


      At Canada another new front wing was put under test having many differences ( all pointed with arrows ) compared to the previous spec . However the new spec was abandoned after free runs and Red Bull switched  to the standard  spec which offered greater amount of downforce , and was more suitable  to rainy and slippery race conditions .

     Another change related to the wing that took place in Canada and kept this time for race was the wider front wing supports (nose pillars)  used with the previous wing spec , not so wide though like the ones Ferrari races since season start .


Red Bull RB7 – Further front wing modifications at Sepang

      Red Bull brought another mixed  front wing design  in Sepang which featured revised endplates (B type in illustration above, similar to the ones used during early Winter testing ,Launch type endplates) fitted on the wing updated edition tested in Barcelona on March.  The type B endplates had an extra  large slot and were mounted on the flaps and not on endplates horizontal section like type A  (differences in yellow)  , reducing the overall width of the wing .

       The type B endplates were abandoned after being tested and team used  a front wing having the already raced in Australia type A endplates .

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