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Toro Rosso STR6 – Following the flock

Paradoxically STR6 was the only 2011 car to lack any vanes under the nose , a thing that was about to change in Malaysia as Toro Rosso sported similar vanes to Red Bull RB7 . The vanes help to guide airflow more efficiently under the nose box . However Force India and Mc Laren do follow a different approach with the nose snowplough


Toro Rosso STR6 – Diffuser update before Melbourne

  Barcelona test on March, used in Melbourne

          Another update that took place for STR6 before Melbourne can be found on the rear ,  located on the diffuser area  . The main diffuser’s structure remains though unchanged  but with the addition of  two more vertical fences close to the centre tunnel focusing on extracting more efficiently air flowing under the floor and close to the plank ( skid block ) . A major change took also above the diffuser with the tab flap to be totally new and being consisted of a single element rather than two . Between the tab and the diffuser roof there is a significant gap , larger than the previous design and extending up to the venturi channels to increase air bleeding through favoring further drag cut . The tab finally features pointed extensions close to the wheels , a feature shown by Mc Laren in the past , to cut turbulence  in this crucial area .

Launch spec

       Last year teams were trying to divert more air through the diffuser channels to boost downforce , while this season facing the ban of the multiple deck diffuser, teams follow a different route by accelerating airflow above the diffuser roof leading to more complicated (Williams) and even slotted tab flap designs ( Red Bull , Toro Rosso , Lotus Renault ).

       Some of the methods being used to accelerate airflow over the diffuser roof  is the twin floor shown by Toro Rosso , the special hot air exiting by Lotus Renault , Williams and Red Bull , the ultra slim sidepods and gearbox by Red Bull and finally the special exhaust blowing by Mercedes GP, Ferrari, Mc Laren , Force India, Williams , Lotus , Marussia Virgin and HRT

Toro Rosso STR6 – Updated panels before season starts

    Toro Rosso shown great potential during winter testing , a momentum the team wanted to retain and very soon launched several updates on the STR6 . One of the updates presented in Jerez was a revised sidepod panel .The new one has a large cut on the top end to let more air bleed between the panel and sidepod surface , aiming reduction in drag .

Toro Rosso – 2011 MALAYSIAN GRAND PRIX – SUNDAY 10/04/11

Sebastien Buemi
Pos. 13th
“I made a good start, passing Rosberg and was running well, closing up on Kobayashi and Schumacher, but at my first pit stop, I had the impression that the Pit Lane Speed Limiter had not been engaged. I immediately pressed it again, which deactivated it, so I speeded in the pit lane and picked up a ten second stop-go penalty, which I felt was a bit severe, as usually you get a drive-through penalty which loses you less time. After that I gave it my best shot but it was not enough to get a reward for the work, as I felt we could have got the Force Indias and at least finished ninth. I only changed tyres twice and it’s true that the last few laps were very difficult because of the degradation.”


Jaime Alguersuari
Pos. 14th
“I need to analyse this race with the engineers, because to be honest, I don’t really understand what happened: we were slow and the tyre degradation was very high, higher than on Friday. I struggled to clean the graining off the front tyres and was losing performance with every passing lap. On the positive side, I made a good start, gaining a few places. But soon I found I could not keep up with the guys in front. Given the difficulties I had, I feel that finishing the race was in itself an achievement and the best I could do today.”


Franz Tost
“Both drivers made a reasonably good start, with Alguersuari completing the opening lap in eleventh place, one ahead of Buemi. On lap 8, Sebastien passed Jaime, showing a very good pace at this stage of the race, closing up on those ahead of him. We called him in for his first pit stop, but the Pit Lane Speed Limiter was deactivated and because of this, he exceeded the limit and was given a ten second stop-go penalty. From then on Seb’s race was compromised and if it had not been for that, he could have been in the fight for ninth place. As for Jaime, he struggled with rear tyre degradation and I think it would have helped if we had put him on a three stop strategy, instead of two. Fortunately, our closest competitors in the championship did not pick up that many points today, so we are still in reasonable shape in the Constructors’ classification. However, the mid-field is very close at the moment, which means we have to do a better job, starting in Shanghai in a few days time.”




credit : Scuderia Toro Rosso

Toro Rosso STR6 – Diffuser



An interesting diffuser concept with complex central zone for STR6 but in fact not  new for Formula 1 in general  . Toyota , Williams and Sauber in the past raced similar multiple central channels to increase effective diffuser volume and also change the way airflow exits  from the centre and the way it mixes with the air coming over the diffuser to cut drag  . As for the diffuser’s roof tab , is divided into two sections , one outer and one inner slotted to let air pass through ( in blue arrows ) decreasing drag further .

Apart from the centre zone the side tunnels have several vertical fences of different length to help extract air under the floor more efficiently preventing flow detachment creating less turbulence . Diffuser is possible to undergo changes , changes that would be probably triggered by the way exhausts blow the hot emissions to the rear .




BARCELONA TEST – DAY 4    , 21 February 2011
Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya – 4,655 kms
Driver: Sebastien Buemi
Chassis: STR6 – 02
Best time: 1:23.550, 90 laps

The third pre-season test session finished today at the Catalunya circuit, with Sebastien Buemi bringing the fourth day to an end with ninety laps and the third fastest time to his name. His programme was similar to the one followed with Jaime Alguersuari, with a mix of short and long runs today, using all the types of Pirelli tyre with the exception of the Medium. In addition, the Swiss driver also worked on car set-up work and brakes.

Giorgio Ascanelli: “This has definitely been a productive four days for us with a good number of laps completed. We addressed all the technical issues that came to our attention at the previous test in Jerez, although as you move forward and make progress, you always discover new problems. But 90 trouble-free laps today means that this is a positive end to our time in Barcelona.”

Sebastien Buemi: “Today went well and I am happy with what we achieved. We gotthrough the entire programme we had planned and did enough laps to improve our understanding of the various types of Pirelli tyre. Along with the two other drivers, we gathered a lot of data over the past four days here in Barcelona and it will be important to analyse everything very carefully to find the right way to move forward in terms of reliability and performance, when we tackle the final pre-season test session. The team, at the track and back at the factory worked well to deliver a car reliable enough to do plenty of laps, which is always the most important thing at this point in the year.”



credit : Scuderia Toro Rosso


BARCELONA TEST – DAY 3 20 February 2011
Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya – 4.655 kms
Driver: Daniel Ricciardo
Chassis: STR6 – 02
Best time: 1:28.329, 42 laps (morning session)
Driver: Sebastien Buemi
Chassis: STR6 – 02
Best time: 1:26.155, 31 laps (afternoon session)

The third day of the third test session of the pre-season saw Scuderia Toro Rosso run two of its drivers: in the morning, it was Daniel Ricciardo who is our reserve driver, running during Free Practice 1 at the majority of Grands Prix this season and, after the lunch break, his place in the cockpit was taken by Sebastien Buemi. The Australian began the day on Extreme Pirelli rain tyres, switching first to intermediates and then to slicks when the track dried out from the rain that fell last night and briefly, this morning. This provided interesting data in terms of overlapping tyre performance as the track surface conditions changed. In the afternoon, Swiss Seb concentrated on set-up work running two sets of slicks. He continues driving for all of tomorrow, the final day of the Barcelona test.

Daniel Ricciardo: “It was an interesting morning in changing conditions, especially as I was one of the first to switch to slick tyres as the track dried this morning. I was pleased to be able to test a few different compounds so the day was more productive than we expected, especially in terms of learning more about the crossover point from wet to intermediate to dry tyres. Now, I am not due to drive at any further test sessions, so my next time in the car should be during Free Practice 1 at the first Grand Prix.”

Sebastien Buemi: “Even if I did not do so many laps this afternoon, I think the work we did was productive and it means we have plenty of sets to run with tomorrow, to increase our understanding of the different tyre types. We also evaluated some elements aimed at increasing downforce, which was interesting and now I just hope it is dry all day tomorrow, so we can get plenty of laps completed.”



credit : Scuderia Toro Rosso

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