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Sauber C33 – Front wing development before Melbourne

Sauber C32 – Front wing development before Melbourne



   After  Jerez test, Sauber tried a new front wing with a more boxy upper flap, revised  main lower flap with wider slot also colored differently (more white color on its surface) , relocated cascade pillar and a less ducted endplate with new terminal body.  The new wing  retained for Melbourne .



Red Bull RB7 – New front wing endplate at Japan


   At Suzuka the hole in the endplate side was closed more to aid downforce production close to the endplate inner surface  .


HRT F111 rear wing – minor refinements for the first races



       F111 rear wing is consisted of  a rather large movable flap compared to other teams with a black colored tab fence (1) across the trailing edge , two flap fasteners (2)  , gill-less endplates  and finally the wing is supported on a single vertical element (3) which also houses the flap moving mechanism .Having a closer look on the endplates we can observe the uncovered  flap angle adjuster (4) and the flap connecting spots (5) to the endplate body .





       In China HRT decided to put elegant white colored coverings on rear wing’s flap adjusters to cut turbulence created by the anomalies on endplate surface . Meanwhile the two lower dot style flap connectors to the endplate were already covered since Malaysia( red arrows ) .



Mercedes W02 – New rear wing for Barchelona test on February

A new rear wing was tested at Barcelona on February  , with four horizontal endplate slits (No1) instead of three and triple flap separators instead of two (No2 arrow shows the central one while the two others are at the sides of the endplates). The central separator now has no role on moving the second flap like happened before .

The second flap , which is now smaller ,  has a boxy part close to the endplates (No3) which I suspect to house part of the flap angle adjuster mechanism and also to play  role on moving the flap .


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