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Mc Laren MP4/26A – Diffuser


Mc Laren MP4/26A not strangely tested till now a quite simple diffuser design because the team did not yet finalize its exhaust system  pipes regarding if they are to  blow forward or traditionally backwards . A simple diffuser would give simpler data to built upon any new developments , developments that would be bound to the way exhaust pipes blow the hot emissions .

The engine starter opening resembles a lot to the MP4/25 while there is  only a pair of vertical fences located in the middle of the side sections . Under the rear light  a larger tab was added  at Jerez to create a shadow of air behind it increasing diffuser sanction effect .  The endplates bottom are mounted onto diffuser roof via twisted outwards elements to divert air to the back of the rear wheels , a low pressure area , reducing drag .


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