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Hispania Racing : FP3 & Qualifying for the British Grand Prix


FP3 & Qualifying for the British Grand Prix

Silverstone, 9th of July of 2011
Silverstone Circuit
Daniel Ricciardo        F111-03  #22  23rd     (19 laps)  1:38.289
Vitantonio Liuzzi       F111-02  #23  24th      (17 laps)  1:38.568
Maximum temperature: Air 18ºC, Track 20ºC – Intermittent rain
Daniel Ricciardo         F111-03 #22   24th     (6 laps)   1:38.059
Vitantonio Liuzzi        F111-02 #23   23rd    (7 laps)   1:37.484
Maximum temperatura: Air 20ºC, Track 23ºC – Intermittent rain
Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “It was a difficult day because a lot of rain came down in FP3 and it wasn’t easy to get the set up right for qualifying. Obviously, also during qualifying it started to rain and, unfortunately, we had the wrong timing and were unable to do a second run. So this is why the result is quite disappointing”.
“Tomorrow we have to finish the race and we will see what will be the end. Today I would have expected more; we knew that it would be difficult because we had traction problems and have a lack of downforce. We had some new parts on the car but, unfortunately, it was difficult to get the right timing and to react in the right way under these circumstances”.
“If tomorrow we have what we had today then I will be happy. In free practice it’s better to have dry conditions; in qualifying it’s better to have consistent conditions, either rain or dry, and all this didn’t happen. For us, starting at the end of the grid, the best would be to have heavy rain like in Canada for the race”.
Daniel Ricciardo, Driver #22: “My first qualifying session was alright but it was a bit frustrating with the weather, we couldn’t do two runs so we were just limited to one but it was ok. I would like to be a little bit closer to the rest of the field but I can’t try to expect too much for now, it’s a big learning curve. I’m half a second off Tonio which isn’t much but for a racing car driver it is quite a lot, I want more but I shouldn’t really expect too much at this stage, if I can keep closing the gap then it’s ok”.
“The F111 is actually quite good, with the option tyres the level of grip has surprised me, that’s one part that will come from experience; knowing how far I can push it. In high speed corners I can still race at my speed. I think there’s definitely potential and if I’m able to keep an open mind and am willing to learn; I think we will definitely move forward”.
“I met the team on Wednesday and it’s been a pretty deep introduction and I think it’s gone quite smoothly, everyone seems really nice. With the engineers, it’s hard to come into Formula 1 and start a fresh relationship in the middle of a season but I think we’re doing quite well and I’m sure it gets easier from here”.
“I expect to finish the race and be competitive, if I can maybe close the gap in the race and be within a few tenths of Tonio, I think that would be a positive start and some progress. If we can get ahead of a few other cars then that would be a good result”.
Vitantonio Liuzzi, Driver #23: “It was a difficult qualifying session because of the weather but also because we’ve had an issue with the car since yesterday; the handling hasn’t been good since the beginning and the weather hasn’t helped us to understand the new bits we’ve brought on the car. It hasn’t been easy, we didn’t have the best balance for qualifying but, overall, it was the best run we’ve had all week because it was a bit better overall”.
“The race will be quite difficult because our rivals seem to be running faster than last year. We knew that this circuit wouldn’t be great for our car but we have to keep on pushing and see how it goes tomorrow”.




credit : Hispania Racing Team


HRT – Grand Prix of Europe


Grand Prix of Europe
Valencia, 26th of June of 2011
Valencia Street Circuit
Weather: Sunny – Air 28ºC, Track  47ºC
Race: 57 laps
Track distance: 5.419 km
Narain Karthikeyan   F111-03 #22  24th
Vitantonio Liuzzi        F111-02 #23  23rd
Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “We struggled the whole weekend with the tyres, especially on the rear end of the car. We had to go for a three stop strategy since the wear of the tyres was too high; our main competitors were on two stops. The pace overall was good but due to the additional stop we could not gain positions. We have to work hard, especially in improving the aero and the rear end of the car, in order to reach our targets for the championship”.
Narain Karthikeyan, Driver #22: “As expected, the car was quite difficult to drive in the race because of the heat; the rear tyres were degrading a lot and we had the same braking problems as the whole weekend. At the beginning I was trying to keep with the pack, with Liuzzi and D’Ambrosio, but after seven laps I locked the front and after that I had a lonely race. I finished the race but there aren’t many positives I can take away from it”.
“Obviously our performance wasn’t the best but the local support has been great and we were hoping for more here”.
Vitantonio Liuzzi, Driver #23: “It was a really difficult race for us because we were struggling with the rear tyres. We knew since Friday that it would be difficult because we were overheating the rear and this was wearing the tyres out even more and that is why we were forced to do a three stop strategy and, unfortunately, were unable to cope with the Virgins. In the first two stints we were fighting with them but then, because we stopped one more time than them, we were struggling to fight with them”.
“We need to fight hard if we want to keep up with the pace of our competitors, we need to improve and work hard day and night. It’s a shame because we were in front of our crowd, they have been fantastic with us but we need to push for the rest of the season”.
“The weekend was really tough but beautiful because Valencia has been a fantastic city that has welcomed us really well. We had a beautiful week, it’s a shame because we wanted to achieve a better result but now we are fighting for the future”.



credit : Hispania Racing Team


Q&A with Colin Kolles, Team Principal


Q&A with Colin Kolles, Team Principal

Friday, 17th of June of 2011

Q: As you predicted after Qualifying on Saturday, the race in Canada was crazy…

CK: Yes, as predicted, it was a crazy race with a positive ending for us.

Q: Has the Canadian GP been Hispania Racing’s best GP? How did the team react to achieving its best ever position?

CK: Yes, the Canadian GP was the team’s best result. This is just the result of people, within the team, working very hard. We will continue to work hard and hope to improve and achieve better results.

Q: The team has taken a step forward and is reaffirming itself as a structure more and more.

CK: The team in itself is a strong team with a lot of dedicated people who give their 100% and work very hard. We are a small team but very efficient.

Q: Hispania Racing faced a lot of criticism at the start of the season, did you pay much attention to that or did you feel that with time the team would answer its critics?

CK: Time will always show who is right and who is wrong. Of course there are always things to be improved and criticism is ok as long as people understand what they are talking about.

Q: What has been the key to Hispania Racing’s improvement?

CK: Without a doubt, the continuous hard work and dedication put in by every member of the team.

Q: Do you feel there is more pressure at Hispania Racing than at other teams?

CK: This is all relative. Some people feel pressure and some don’t. The fact is that you have to push every day.

Q: When will the wind tunnel programme start?

CK: In July in the Mercedes wind tunnel.

Q: Will this programme already focus on the 2012 project?

CK: We will switch very soon to the 2012 car.

Q: What qualities do both drivers bring to the team?

CK: They contribute a lot to the team but if I had to single out Tonio and Narain’s biggest virtues, I’d say they are speed and experience.

Q: What is the team’s aim for the next few races?

CK: There are still a lot of races left this season. We want to improve our results and achieve our target of being 10th in the constructor’s championship.



credit : Hispania Racing Team

HRT – Spanish Grand Prix , Race

Spanish Grand Prix

Montmeló, 22nd of May of 2011

Circuit de Catalunya
Weather: Sunny – Air 27ºC, Track 44ºC
Race: 66 laps
Track distance: 4.655km
Narain Karthikeyan   F111-03   #22    21st
Vitantonio Liuzzi        F111-02   #23    DNF
Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “Tonio started the race very well, he was in a good position, improving lap by lap and creating a bigger gap with the cars behind him. Unfortunately, after the first pit stop, we noticed that the gear box wasn’t running properly so we had to change the gearbox mode. We started losing pressure and had to stop due to a gearbox failure. We don’t know what happened on Narain’s car, we will have to look into it and assess the situation but getting over the finish line is positive. Tonio’s start to the race is proof that we have made the next step and can compete with our closest rivals on the track”.
Narain Karthikeyan, Driver #22: “It was a very hard race. The tyres were degrading a lot, especially the rear ones making it very difficult to drive. The first few laps were all right but then the rear started giving me a lot of problems. I also had some trouble with my seat, I burnt my back and at times the pain was unbearable. The positive aspect was that I finished the race although we didn’t get much out of it. We need to find out why we were off the pace, we thought our race pace would improve this weekend but that has not been the case. Qualifying was good but our race pace wasn’t good unlike in previous races. Perhaps this is because of the drastic difference between prime and option compounds which made the setup very difficult and resulted in massive oversteer. So we now need to work on this”.
Vitantonio Liuzzi, Driver #23: “I had a great start to the race passing a few cars into the first corner just like at the last grand prix. Everything was going fine, the balance of the car was good, I was ahead of both Virgin cars and pulling away in the first stint. This confirmed the step forward we’d predicted from the last race. After the first pit stop, with the second set of tyres we lost some grip in the rear just like in qualifying. I also started feeling issues with the upshift, it was getting worse and worse and eventually had to stop. We have to investigate why this happened but it’s still too early to say what the reason was. It’s a real shame because without this issue we could’ve had better pace for the second stint and fight with the Virgins until the end. Narain finished the race which is always positive because it means we can have more data but it’s now time to start thinking about racing and not just finishing because we’re growing and must try and get ahead of Virgin”.

credit : Hispania Racing Team

HRT – FP3 and qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix

FP3 and qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix
Montmelo, 21st of May of 2011
Circuit de Catalunya
Narain Karthikeyan  F111-03  #22  24th     (16 laps)  1:29.562
Vitantonio Liuzzi       F111-02  #23  21st     (17 laps)  1:28.330
Maximum temperature: Air 24ºc, Track 33ºC – Sunny
Narain Karthikeyan  F111-03  #22 22nd     (9 laps)  1:27.908
Vitantonio Liuzzi       F111-02  #23 21st      (9 laps)  1:27.809
Maximum temperature: Air 24ºC, Track 43ºC – Sunny
FP3 and qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix
Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “Today’s qualifying had some positives and some negatives. The positive side is that we were quicker than one of the Virgins and made some steps forward. The negative part is that we could’ve had both Virgins behind us but Tonio didn’t have the best lap. My impression is that we made some progress and will make some more, let’s see what happens in the race.  We will use a strategy which best suits the car, not too different from the rest. We’ll try and run as much as possible on option tyres”.
Narain Karthikeyan, Driver #22: “Yesterday and today have been very difficult, especially P2 and P3 where we drove with new parts and didn’t have the right balance. After that I was a little bit worried about qualifying but we pulled everything together. We sat down and analysed the situation. I’m happy to be in front of our nearest competitors for the first time and also close to Tonio. I’m pleased to be in this position, especially since it’s the team’s home grand prix, now let’s see how the race goes tomorrow”.
Vitantonio Liuzzi, Driver #23: “We can be happy about today’s qualifying, there was some improvement with the upgrades, now we need to keep pushing for new updates in the next race. We are in the right direction to improve the car and the team as a whole. So we’re doing well and need to work hard to make the next step. It’s very positive to be in and amongst the Virgins, it’s important for us to do a good race tomorrow for the home crowd. There’s always a great atmosphere in Spain but it’s even more motivating when you’re driving for a Spanish team, you can feel the support and want to give something back to the fans by doing well. Hopefully we can get a good start tomorrow and have no issues with pit stops. It will be a difficult race as we’ve suffered a bit with the new Pirelli compounds”.

credit : Hispania Racing Team

HRT – “The race was not as we expected. In Barcelona we expect to have a better weekend”

“The race was not as we expected. In Barcelona we expect to have a better weekend”

Istanbul, 8th May, 2011
Istanbul Park

Weather: Cloudy – air 17°C, track 35°C
Race: 58 laps
Length of the track: 5.338 km

Narain Karthikeyan   F111-03 #22  21º
Vitantonio Liuzzi        F111-02 #23  22º

Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “The race was not as we expected because we faced some unpredicted problems with the tyres during the pit stop. The wheel gun seems to have not worked properly on Liuzzi’s car resulting in the loss of a wheel nut.We had to do more stops also to make sure that it was safe to continue running.”

“All in all without these problems we could have achieved a better result. Narain’s lap times were a good sign, showing that our performance has improved. We will have a major update for Barcelona which should put us closer to our competitors. It is our home race and if all the upgrades bring the improvement in lap times that we expect then we will have a better weekend”.

Narain Karthikeyan, Driver #22: “I think we should be happy with the fact that today we got another finish under the belt. I got more time in the car which is important, I’ve now finished my second race out of three, so I need to get more comfortable in the car and that will happen with every lap that I do. I couldn’t keep the two Virgin cars behind and we will have to analyze why we were slower. But, all in all, I’m reasonably happy, now we must work on the updates for Barcelona and keep on working to improve”.

Vitantonio Liuzzi, Driver #23: “Overall this has been a positive weekend up until qualifying. We’ve shown an improvement in our performance and had good pace on Friday and Saturday proving that the gap has closed with Virgin. In the race we need to try and understand what we did wrong, we had a problem with both front tyres and need to work on this to make sure it doesn’t happen again in the next race. Our expectations are much higher for Barcelona, we’re pushing for some new upgrades there as it will be important to show our home crowd what we’re capable of, I’m sure we will be much more competitive there”.

credit : Hispania Racing Team

HRT – Colin Kolles: “We know we can fight for a good position”

Colin Kolles: “We know we can fight for a good position”

Istanbul, 7th May, 2011
Istanbul Park

Narain Karthikeyan  F111-03  #22  24th     (15 laps)  1:32.009
Vitantonio Liuzzi   F111-02  #23  23rd     (19 laps)  1:31.375
Maximum temperature:  Air 16ºC, Track 32ºC –  Sunny

Narain Karthikeyan  F111-03  #22  23rd     (8 laps)  1:31.564
Vitantonio Liuzzi   F111-02  #23  21st     (7 laps)  1:30.692
Maximum temperature: Air 18ºC,  Track 37°C-  Sunny

Colin Kolles, Hispania Racing Team Principal: “Qualifying was not bad today, as predicted yesterday we made a step forward. We were ahead of one Virgin car and very close to the other one, it would’ve been possible for Tonio to be ahead but nevertheless we’re very happy to be close to our main competitors and also to the top, being 3.6 seconds off the quickest time in Q1 is very positive. Tomorrow we’re hoping for a nice race in which we can fight with others to finish in a good position”.

Narain Karthikeyan, Driver #22: “I should’ve done better today considering that my team mate did quite a good lap. My first set of tyres was alright but with the second set I couldn’t feel any grip, the car was sliding all over the place so we must try and find out what went wrong. It’s my third race back in Formula 1 and Turkey is not an easy track, there are a lot of bumps and it’s quite technical. So the longer I spend in the car the more comfortable I will get. The car is improving a lot, reliability is good so once again my aim for tomorrow is to try and finish the race”.

Vitantonio Liuzzi, Driver #23: “We were motivated coming into this weekend with the upgrades and we’re pushing for more in the future. We’re all pushing every race and every hour back in the factory so this result is important as it is a reward for that work and confirms that the gap is closing with the rest. We’re nearly ahead of both Virgins which is our aim, they’re pushing as well so it won’t be easy. But we’re closing the gap with the leaders, which is very important for us.”

“I struggled a bit at the beginning with the first set of tyres but the second set had a really good performance, the car reacted very well. We had a few problems in the morning, we were a bit worried we didn’t have the right balance for qualifying but in the end it all went well. 21st position is a great result for tomorrow where we will try to finish ahead of both Virgins which is our target. It is important to keep in this line”.

credit: Hispania Racing Team

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