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Williams FW36- mirrors

M Jerez Test Jan 1 F small


   Williams mounted the mirrors onto a wavy lateral cockpit fin in such a way that both  driver enjoys improved rear view but also offering improved airflow management over the sidepods. The two smaller cockpit winglets function in conjunction with the strake enhancing the aero positive effect.



Marussia M03 , middle zone aero analysis

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 4 - Jerez, Spain

   Marussia adopted on the M03  a complex combination of cockpit vanes, featuring  two small winglets surrounding the aerodynamically shaped mirror mounting, followed by a single lateral strake of wider span . Such combinations have been already seen over past seasons on Lotus, Mc Laren, Mercedes and Ferrari . The shape and attack angle of the winglets actually create lift  but they contribute stronger on decreasing  the lift created by the sidepod tunnels .

Marussia Virgin MVR02-New mirror mountings since Turkey

  The MV02 since Turkey races with a new completely vertical and simpler mirror mountings, leaving behind the more sophisticated Viking horn design. A change likely to be linked with the new higher nose cone raced a race after in Spain, offering less blockage caused by the mirror body to the flow over the sidepods and towards the rear, without of course having a negative impact on rearview visibility .

Toro Rosso STR5 – Mirrors

STR5 mirrors are mounted on the cockpit sides and so the team need not to revise them due to FIA outboard mirrors ban rule taking effect since Spanish GP.

Sauber C29 – Inboard mirrors since Spain

since Spain

Outboard mirrors ban rule  forced Sauber also to revert its mirrors close to the cockpit zone since Spain  .


R30 – mirror revisions for Bahrain

The mirrors mounting elements were redesigned for Bahrain having now a less boxy shape

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