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Lotus T128 – Barcelona test , day 4


Driver: Jarno Trulli / Chassis: T128-01

Fastest lap: 1.29.992 (lap 4)


0900 – 0901:    Run 1, Installation, 1 lap
0901 – 0931:    System checks / Changes: ride height / front wing / brake balance /
0931 – 0941:    Run 2, 6 laps
0941 – 0951:    Front wing flap adjustment
0951 – 1001:    Run 3, 6 laps
1001 – 1009:    Setup change
1009 – 1016:    Run 4, 4 laps
1016 – 1018:    Run 5, 1 lap / accident at T9 (Campsa)
1018                End of session due to accident


JARNO TRULLI: “It’s obviously disappointing to have the test cut short like this but these things happen in motor racing. We started the day well and until the accident happened I had picked up where I left off yesterday – the car has good balance, pace we can build on and has the potential to help us take the fight to the midfield, so I’m leaving here feeling confident about the season ahead and am looking forward to the next test, wherever that will be.”

MIKE GASCOYNE, CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER: “Unfortunately the day was cut short due to the accident Jarno suffered this morning at turn 9. It was not his fault – it was caused by a car failure and we were missing a part we needed to put the car back together which meant we had to cut day four short. Despite this I still think there are a great deal of positives to take from the test in terms of the pace of the car and the fact that we are on top of the reliability issues. With that in mind we leave here with work to do but still on target for where we want to be. We will wait to see where the next test will be held and with the time we now have back at the factory we will be working hard to make sure we run through our complete programme at that test.”




credit : TEAM LOTUS

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