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HRT F111 – quest for extra downforce

September 4, 2011 1 comment



In slow and high downforce street track of Monaco , HRT F111 inherited an extra single element winglet over the rear light to increase the stability of the rear end . Nevertheless during the whole weekend the team faced balance problems on both cars , problems difficult to be delt properly due to reduced amount of free running . Luckily for the team both drivers managed to finish race , something really important for HRT .


HRT F111 – More rear wing revisions in Turkey


More rear wing revisions took place at Turkey with a series of 5 curved gills were put on the endplates to lower significantly drag production generated by the wing , with a small downforce loss as a side effect but giving more freedom for steeper attack angles at the same time . This was the first serious upgrade for the rear wing as the previous were only refinements of the original version . 

HRT F111 rear wing – minor refinements for the first races



       F111 rear wing is consisted of  a rather large movable flap compared to other teams with a black colored tab fence (1) across the trailing edge , two flap fasteners (2)  , gill-less endplates  and finally the wing is supported on a single vertical element (3) which also houses the flap moving mechanism .Having a closer look on the endplates we can observe the uncovered  flap angle adjuster (4) and the flap connecting spots (5) to the endplate body .





       In China HRT decided to put elegant white colored coverings on rear wing’s flap adjusters to cut turbulence created by the anomalies on endplate surface . Meanwhile the two lower dot style flap connectors to the endplate were already covered since Malaysia( red arrows ) .



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