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Peugeot A20



Chassis : Prost AP03

Season:  2000

Total Displacement: 2.998 cc

Configuration : V10

Cylinder angle : 72 degrees

Timing Gear: 4 valves per cylinder , 40 valves in total , with pneumatic return

Dimensions:   :   583  mm  length / 544  mm  width /  376 mm height

Weight:  109 Kg

Max. Power Qualifying-spec  Output  :   792 bhp (official Peugeot announcement!)   17.000 rpm

Max. Power Race-spec Output:  770-780 bhp , over 16.200 rpm

Materials :   Cylinder blocks and heads: Light Alloy

Camshafts: 2 per bank of cylinders

Fuel & Lubricant: Total

Fuel Feed: TAG Electronic control

Ignition: TAG Electronic control

Reliability:  poor

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