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Lotus Renault R31 – wheel force transducer


Pirelli and Bridgestone tyres have significant differences in skeleton structure, so Pirelli tyres suffers  different shape deformations especially when cornering and decelerating  than Bridgestone  . Deformations may increase or even decrease tyre contact patch and even cause excessive ware . To understand this phenomenon and how tyre shape changes depending on longitudinal and lateral forces applied on the wheel-tyre combo, Lotus Renault during Jerez test used a wheel force transducer on both the rear and front wheels . Apart from the tyre dynamic evaluation , the wheel force transducer  can also provide help on perfecting the suspension settings especially when kerb riding.

That type of device is fitted  on modified rims and  provide data about range of forces suffered by the wheel at different rotation speeds  (r.p.m. ) . It is consisted of a magnesium rim , a sensor body of Titanium alloy and sensors and it is not the first time Renault uses such a device .


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